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ShirdiChe Sai Baba - Dr.Keshav Bhagwant Gavankar

Part 1 – Chapter 24 – Sri Sai Baba And Vitthal-Krishna – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

We have seen the physical appearance of Sai Baba as a fakir living in a Masjid. However, His talks with His devotees and further actions prove that He is an incarnation of Lord Krishna. The famous Samadhi Mandir of Shirdi which had the central shrine for Muralidhar (Krishna) became the final resting place for Sai Baba, which He Himself wished and told His devotees. Is it a sheer coincidence or a plan to make happen in that way. Relatable facts are shared in this chapter which proves that Sai Baba is Krishna Avatar.
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Part 1 – Chapter 21 – I Have To Protect My Child – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

Sai Baba loved His devotees in a unique way. Outwardly He will show anger, but inwardly He will be full of love. There was a profound love in His abusive words and angry mood. At one point He will be in good mood, instantly He will turn into rage. One thing will stay constant i.e His love and compassion towards His devotees. This chapter shows such love of Sai Baba towards Raghunath Bhaskar Purandhare
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