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During the last 20 years or so, as more and more people are being drawn to the Great Saint of Shirdi, quite a number of devotees of Baba in Delhi have prevailed upon me to write down, ‘How Baba came to Delhi’, for the benefit of present and future devotees. Whenever I sat down to do so and as I proceeded further with the story, a thought would over-power me, “For whom do you want to write down this account. The One who should know, is already aware of every thing and of what use would it be for others to know”. On the persistent demand of some of Baba’s devotees and with His Kripa, I have now attempted to narrate the events. At every step, while doing so, I have been conscious if it was my ego which was prompting me to do so or was I projecting as true a picture of the events as possible. I could pray to my Baba not to allow my ego to prevail and merely make me an instrument to project the facts as truly as possible for an insignificant devotee of His. If I have failed at any step, I shall hold human weakness responsible for it and implore Baba’s and your forgiveness for it. It would be highly impertinent to say that the foundation of Baba’s work in Delhi was laid the day Shri Yagnik of Jaipur prompted me to do so and come out of my house, spread Baba’s message and bring Sai devotees on one platform. Baba was being worshipped by a few of His devotees in Delhi even before and would continue to be so worshipped when water bubbles of my sort fade into oblivion. Today, I am fully convinced that Baba does His own work and requires no agents or gurus for this purpose. In our ignorance we may feel puffed up by our efforts, but not a blade of grass can move without His command. As Baba had said in His life time, He draws His devotees to Himself as a bird is drawn with a string tied to its feet. When I started on this path, not -many people knew about Baba in North India. In Delhi, one could not even find a small picture of Baba what to talk of Sai Satcharita. Today when I see pictures of Baba pasted on two wheelers, cars, buses and thousands of devotees flocking to Sai Mandirs coming up not only all over Delhi but the whole of North India, who could be happier than I. It is all His Grace.

I have perhaps been a littie harsh in my observations on various aspects of Sai Bhakti in Chapter 4 of the book entitled, ‘Stray thoughts on various aspects of Sai worship.’ While expressing my views, I have been fully conscious that a devotee should shun all criticism. I may assure the readers that whatever I have scribbled is based on my personal and practical experiences during the course of my working and has been written solely with the intention to make devotees conscious that we must all endeavour to adhere to the path shown by Baba in His life and living and discourage the emerging divergent trends. Unfortunately, no forum seems to exist for providing guidance to the ever increasing number of Sai devotees, particularly in the North. A devotee on experiencing the Grace of Baba in some way or the other, when takes to Him, he/she adopts the approach being followed by other devotees around him, or else goes to a Guru, who draws him more to himself rather than to Baba. I have even seen queries from foreigners as to who Baba was and what He stood for, which have remained unanswered. In my view there is a definite need for providing proper and organised guidance to the devotees, not only in India but all over the Globe, for creating awarness in them about the principles and precepts Baba advocated and lived for.

In prompting me to pen down this story, as also in drawing me out from my seclusion, which I had taken to, after my resignation from the secretaryship of the Lodi Road Temple in June 1980, the contribution of my co-devotee Shri Motilal Gupta, Founder Chairman, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society, Sai Dham, Tigaon Road, Faridabad (Haryana) has been tremendous. In fact, it is his prompting alone and of course Baba’s Grace, that it has been possible for these compositions to see the light of day. I am also grateful to him for providing all secretarial help in bringing out this book.

My heartful thanks are also due to Shri Vijay R. Raghavan of Sai Security Printers Ltd. for having undertaken the task of printing this book.

May Shri Sai’s Grace be ever with all who have contributed to the compilation and publication of this book!

17th August, 2002
Suresh Chandra Gupta
‘Sai Sadan’
F-5, Green Park Main New Delhi- 110016 Phone :011 26865450

“They alone who are fortunate and whose sins have been washed away, take to My worship. If you always utter ‘Sai Sai’, I shall take you over the seven seas. Have faith in these words and you will certainly be benefited. I need no paraphernalia of worship – either eight – fold or sixteen – fold. I dwell where there is full devotion.” – Baba

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