Second Meeting Along With Babasaheb Tarkhad – Live Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family

Second Meeting Along With Babasaheb Tarkhad - Live Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family
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Continued: Live Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family With Shri Sai Baba Of Shirdi

After experiencing such a wonderful meeting with SaiBaba both mother and son felt like quickly returning home and narrating the same to my grandfather Babasaheb Tarkhad. However, SaiBaba had suggested to them to spend some more days in Shirdi so they conceded his request. They had consultations with Mr. Madhavrao Deshpande who was very close to SaiBaba and use to help and guide devotees. He told them that in the morning Baba was looking out for someone and on inquiring with him he said that his mother and brother are arriving to meet him. Mr.Madhavrao also informed them that the normal practice followed by devotees in Shirdi is to leave the place only after seeking permission from Baba. They then wrote a letter to Babasaheb in Bandra stating that they are extending their stay in Shirdi as they have experienced something unique. Thus they spent about one week in Shirdi and after seeking Baba’s permission and promising him that they would come back along with Babasaheb Tarkhad, they returned to Bandra their place of residence.

During their one-week stay, they came across other Sai devotees like Shri Mhalsapati, Kakasaheb Mahajani, Shamrao Jayaker, etc. They conveyed the entire episode to my grandfather & tried to convince him that Shri SaiBaba of Shirdi is not an ordinary person. He not only gives good medicines but also possesses supernatural powers. My grandfather took lightly the impressions of my grandma but was rather surprised to hear the same from my father. Of course, both of them informed him that they have promised Baba that next time they will visit Shirdi along with Babasaheb.

Dear readers, I firmly believe that Babasaheb was also destined to meet Shirdi SaiBaba hence in course of time he met his friends Mr. Shamrao Jayaker, Kakasaheb Dixit, and Justice Dhurandhar and he came to know that they all were Sai devotees. Finally, my grandfather agreed with the family to visit Shirdi as an outing. As he was a very busy person it was difficult for him to be away from the job. They decided to save on Friday night on a weekend along with his friends.

They were traveling by night train to Manmad. My father and grandma had spread their bedding and were relaxing. The Gents were busy playing cards. Train had left Nashik Road station and a Fakir with his hair tied with white cloth entered the compartment. He came to my grandfather and begged for alms. My grandfather looked at him and he felt pity for his status. He took out a silver coin of one Rupee and gave him and asked him to move away. Fakir drew his attention to the one Rupee coin because it was rather too big an amount to be given to charity in those days. Here I wish to mention to readers that my grandfather was Secretary to Khatau Group of Mills and in the year 1908 he was drawing Rs 2000 per month as salary. He told the Fakir that the coin is genuine with the stamp of George the V embossed on it and issued in the year 1905 and he need not worry about it. He requested him to move away as their card game was getting disturbed. The Fakir then moved away.

Next day morning they reached Shirdi. My grandmother and father directed my grandfather, as they were now familiar with the place. They had a bath & breakfast and they along with pooja material entered the Dwarkamai. My father and grandmother bowed to Baba and touched his feet. Baba then gave a smile and turned to my grandfather and said “Mhatarya (old man) my mother and Bhau had to plead to you and after persuasion, you had agreed to come to Shirdi.

“Have you recognized me?” My grandfather replied in negative. Then Baba put his hand in the pocket of his Kafni and he took out the one rupee silver coin bearing the stamp of George the V. He showed the same to my grandfather and asked, “Do you at least recognize this which you had given me last night?”   Now my grandfather started recollecting the incident of the previous night in the train and before he could say anything Baba told him, “Hey, that Fakir of the night was none other than me.” Babasaheb was instantly overwhelmed. He realized his mistake that he had taken Baba to be a beggar. He felt very sorry for his act of the night. He bowed to Baba and asked for his pardon. He realized what Jyotindra and his wife had narrated about Baba was 100 percent true and Baba is not an ordinary person and he is a ‘Messiah of the Lord” in the true sense of the term.

After this incident, there was an unprecedented transformation in Babasaheb Tarkhad. He was no more a Prarthanasamajist. He developed a spiritual love towards Baba. He started taking important decisions only after aligning with Sai Baba. He started sending Tagas (Rolls) of cloth to Baba so that he can stitch Kafani out of it.

He had also sent Petromax lamps for illuminating the Dwarkamai at niqht. My father use to light them every evening whenever he used to stay in Shirdi and hung them at decided locations in Dwarkamai. There is an interesting incident about this, which I will narrate later.

Dear readers in this fashion three members of the Tarkhad family came in contact with Sai Baba of Shirdi. In fact Baba only pulled them towards him like a powerful magnet. They all developed an intense love for Baba. Their visits to Shirdi had increased for the simple reason that they started getting experiences, which were unique in their nature. They were nothing but miracles and this made them realize that Sai Baba is God’s incarnation. I am going to reveal to you these experiences and I am sure you all will agree with me after you have read through them.

Baba returned the one rupee silver coin back to my grandfather and he said “Mhatarya l am returning your coin back to you. Please worship the same and you will have a very fruitful life. Believe in me. I never lie when I speak from this sacred ‘Dwarkamai” Thus Baba addressed my grandfather as “Mhatarya” and my father as “Bhau” and that continued in all their future conversations.

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