Proof Of Sai's Mahanirvana In Mumbai - Live Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family
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Continued: Live Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family With Shri Sai Baba Of Shirdi

Earlier I have narrated to you medicinal effect of Baba’s Udi when Mr. Moreshwar Pradhan had revival of an attack of Asthama. At that time my grandfather had given him Baba’s sacred Udi to drink which had given him relief. My father and grandfather were very happy as this was the same Udi which Baba had given them with great assurance and they had never imagined that they would be required to put it to use so early. But then something very interesting happened. On returning from Mr. Moreshwar’s residence to their home in Bandra when they went in front of their Sandalwood Mandir to offer their thanks to Baba, they found that Baba’s portrait had slipped out from the bracket, and it was hanging in an inclined position. They inquired with my grandmother whether any servant had performed any cleaning operation in their absence. But it was not possible as that was the Vijayadashmi day and all cleaning and pooja had taken place in the morning. They were then trying to figure out the coincidence of those two events. They thought of going to residence of Mr. Tendulkar or Mr. Dabholkar who were residing nearby in Bandra. But this was not required as the servant of Mr. Dixit from Vile Parle was at their doorstep in the evening. He informed them that Baba had passed away in the afternoon in Shirdi and Mr. Dixit would be leaving for Shirdi and had requested Babasaheb Tarkhad (my grandfather) to join him.

On learning this they were able to put two and two together and realized that Baba had send them the wireless massage indicating that he is going for his Mahanirvana and bidding good-bye to this world. So was the temporary revival of Asthama and sliding of Baba’s portrait in the Sandalwood Mandir. Imagine the distance between Shirdi and Mumbai and what a unique way to communicate with his loving devotees that one is bidding good-bye forever. Dear Sai devotees very appropriately Baba is termed as “ANANTAKOTI BRAMHANDANAYAKA RAJADHIRAJ YOGIRAJ PARABRHAMA SATCHIDANANDA SHRI SAINATH” and such unique ways of his communications to his loving devotees must be sending shivers through their spine which they only know better. Of course SaiBaba’s Mahanirvana was only his bodily departure because during his “Avatarkarya” he had impressed upon the minds of his devotees that he will always be there with them and at their beck and call. He had declared that “My bones will talk to you from my grave and keep immense faith in me. The eternal truth is I am always alive and this is my promise to you all, which you should never forget.”(NITYA ME JEEVANTA JANA HECHI SATYA)”

We are in 21st Century and even now on those Utsav Days of Ramanavami, Gurupornima and Vijayadashami one can see of his devotees present in his Shirdi. My Dear readers, I also wonder after experiencing such divine spiritual association with Lord Sai, how come my father adopted the path of a common man to live rest of his life. The normal rule is one adopts the path of “Paramartha” (divine truth) in order to get rid off the intricacies of “Prapancha” (family life). But my father’s life had been an exception to this rule and that is what one will have to accept. I will give you some details about my father’s last journey, which in my opinion is also unique.

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