Memorable Last Meeting With Sai - Live Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family
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Continued: Live Experiences Of The Tarkhad Family With Shri Sai Baba Of Shirdi

I have completed narrating the live experiences of Tarkhad family with Lord Sai. One can now affirmatively say that the Tarkhad family was destined to come in contact with Lord Sai and this had taken place because of their “POORVAPUNYAI” (good deeds in their previous birth). One peculiarity you must have noticed is that they were never required to ask for anything from Baba. Although their first visit was to get relief from a biological ailment but even during this visit they were not required to declare the purpose of their visit. Baba could read their mind with pinpoint accuracy and shower his blessings on them in order to bring them closer to him. In the course of time their bond went on to become stronger and stronger and now I sincerely pray that this should last till the end of this world.

I think it must be the year 1918 and Navaratri days because Baba took his mahasamadhi on Vijayadashmi day seven days later after granting Mukti to the ailing Tiger. Baba had become very old and he would walk with the help of two devotees one on each side of him. One evening after placing the Petromax lanterns in their required places my father noticed that Baba was looking very tired. He asked Baba whether he could press his legs in order to give him some relief and comfort. Baba then said “As you have expressed the desire you may proceed and satisfy your self”. My father then sat near his feet. After a little while, Baba turned to him and said “Bhau this is our last meeting and we will not meet after this, As you know many kinds of people come to Shirdi and ask for different kinds of grant like Sampatti (wealth), Santatti (children), Swastha (good health), etc from me. I do not displease anyone and Lord on their behalf. My Lord responds positively to my prayers and grants them their requirements. You are one person I have come across who has not asked for anything. Possibly you are not married and have no family hence not feeling any need for anything. But Bhau, since we will not meet anymore please ask for anything you desire otherwise I will always feel indebted to you for all services you have tendered to me so far.” My father then said “Baba with your grace I have everything in life and I really do not need any materialistic thing. Only make sure your blessings are always there with me and under no circumstances you should fed away from my memory in future (HECHI DAAN DEGA DEVATUZHA VISAR NA VHAVA)”. Then Baba said “Bhau I am in any case duty bound towards my devotees and I am asking you to ask something personally for yourself because each individual has his/her separate identity and needs some external help to successfully sail through his/her lifecycle. Please feel free and ask?” My father realized that it was an acid test for him, so he said “Baba now that you are emphasizing so much hence before I ask, you promise me that you will positively grant me my wish”. Then Baba said “Bhau I have granted the wishes of so many, hence you should not have the least doubt in me, you ask and I grant”. Then my father said “Baba I need-Only one from you. Put me to any birth and I must be able to see your feet.” Baba was then silent for some time He broke His silence saying, “Bhau I am not able to grant this wish of yours.” My father then said, “Baba I was not asking for anything and you only forced me into this and I do not need anything other than this from you.” Then Baba gave a smile and said, “Bhau so many people come to Shirdi but very few are like you who have completely understood me. By your wish you want to bind me up forever and I do not have such permission from my Lord to get bound like this with anyone. However you need not get disappointed. I promise you that in our next birth when we are ten years old we will be sitting together and eating in one Thali (plate)”. My father then said “Baba as you wish”. In short Baba promised him to meet again at the next birth. My father was satisfied and he prostrated before him instantly. Baba lifted him and then dropped his hand in the pot of Udi next to him and offered him a handful and said, “Bhau please preserve this with utmost care and use it very sparingly as it contains enormous power of even putting life back into any body.” It was the time for evening Aarati. My father had a very contended feeling at that time. At the same time he was rather sad because Baba had declared that it was their last meeting. The next day Baba asked him to leave for Mumbai. On reaching home he informed his parents what all had taken place at Shirdi. They brought a small silver box and filled it with Udi, which they valued like Nectar given to them by God himself. I remember that if any one of us use to fall seriously ill then my father would take a small quantity and put it in the water and offer us to drink in order to get well. One thing is certain that during his lifetime none of his seven children passed away.

Dear Sai devotees my father had gone through many ups and downs in his life. He had his own bungalow, car, and everything that one craves in life. But at a later stage, he lost interest in the materialistic world. I have never seen him falling sick. He took ill at the age of 70 years and he passed away which I would narrate to you later.

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