Part 1 – Chapter 2 – Srī Siddhendra Yogi – Sripada Srivallabha Charitramrutam

Chapter 2: Srī Siddhendra Yogi and the Story of Vichitrapuram

I (Shankar Bhatt) was recollecting the strange experiences in Marutva Malai and continued my journey while mentally chanting the glorious name of Srīpāda Srīvallabha. I visited many holy places on the way. I was getting food without soliciting anyone for it. This was a rare experience. I felt that the weight of my body was gradually coming down after I reached the Kadamba forest in the Pāndya kingdom[1]. There was a Shiva linga of great power in that forest. After visiting that Ishvara[2] temple, my legs became very heavy. I rested for some time in that Shiva temple and resumed the journey. I found a hermitage nearby. A great person called Srī Siddhendra Yogi was living there. When I prostrated at his lotus feet, my body became lighter than a cotton ball. I was conscious of my body feeling, but the weight of my body had almost become nil. That great preceptor with a merciful heart stroked my head and blessed me saying, “May you havTehe great yogi explained the dārshan of Srīpāda Srīvallabha.”

The great yogi explained, “My son Shankar Bhatt, the Shiva linga which you have seen is very powerful. In ancient times, Devendra[3] conquered many demons, but one of them escaped. Indra ruthlessly killed that rākshasa[4] while he was in tapas[5]. Indra lost his lustre because of his sin in killing someone doing tapas. Indra visited many holy places for absolution from the sin. As the Shiva linga in the Kadamba forest of the Pāndya kingdom was very powerful, all the sins of Indra were suddenly removed when Indra reached the Kadamba forest. He wondered at it. With the idea that there was something special and great, he searched the place in all directions. He found a Shiva linga. Indra worshipped that Shiva linga with devotion and constructed a temple for that self-manifested Shiva linga. So, what you saw was that Shiva linga consecrated by Indra. That Shiva linga removes all sins and confers all auspiciousness. Only people with great merit can see that Shiva linga. However, for the devotees of Lord Datta, meeting pious people and visiting holy places will take place unasked-for and without any effort.”

I bowed again to the lotus feet of Srī Siddhendra Yogi. He asked me to go to the Shiva linga again. When I went there for the second time, I found a beautiful temple of Shiva. That was not the same temple that I visited previously. When I inquired, I learnt that it was the temple of Srī Mīnakshi and Sundareswara and that I was in the town of Madhura[6].

I visited the deities and went to the hermitage of Srī Siddhendra Yogi afterwards. The whole area now appeared as a thickly populated township. However, I searched much but I could not find the hermitage of the Srī Siddha Yogindra. Recollecting the holy name of Srīpāda Srīvallabha, I was going at random in some direction. The sunset started. It was getting dark. I saw a focus of light coming from the rear side. When I turned back, I saw a big serpent with three hoods following me. There were three diamonds on those three hoods. A brilliant light emitted from those diamonds. I was struck with fear. Whenever I stopped the serpent was also stopping.

The divine name of Srīpāda was swelling-up from the depth of my bosom involuntarily. Similarly, the holy name of Srīpāda was being uttered from my mouth involuntarily. At last I reached the ashram of Srī Siddha Yogindra. Immediately, the divine serpent and the light disappeared.

Srī Siddha Yogindra received me with utmost compassion. He gave me fried chickpeas in a plantain leaf as prasād[7]. I ate bellyful. The palpitation of my heart did not decrease even though I was taking food. SrīSiddha Yogindra massaged my right breast lightly with love. Afterwards, he touched my head with his holy hand. I noticed my heart’s palpitation slowing down. I also felt as if some foul gases were being purged out of my lungs. I also experienced that all bad thoughts and cruel desires were pushed out of my mind. My body temperature increased and I was in a state of stupor.

The greatness of Datta and the qualifications required for obtaining the grace of Sripada

Then Srī Siddha Yogindra stated as following: “Shankar Bhatt, the Shiva linga which you saw at first and Srī Sundareswara whom you visited later are not different. Srī Dattatreya ordered that you should be provided with this kind of experience. So, it was granted to you accordingly. It means that time was rolled back and the Shiva linga established by Indra and the actual surroundings existing at that time were shown to you. To regard the creation that you witness as real creation is Māya[8]1. Everything is an embodiment of the consciousness. By the will of Lord Datta, the future may become present. The consciousness of Lord Datta is eternally present. Whatever happened in the past, and whatever is happening at present and whatever is to happen in the future will occur according to the will of Lord Datta. The resolve of Lord Datta is essential for an event to happen, not to happen or to happen in a different novel way. Srī Dattatreya is the personification of that magnificent determination responsible for the creation, sustenance, and liquidation. Now He has taken birth on this earth as Srīpāda Srīvallabha. The residents of Pithapuram did not recognize Him properly. They failed to understand the philosophy of a guru. In Kuruvapuram, even ignorant persons like fishermen obtained knowledge of the Brahman[9]. To get the grace of SrīpādaSrīvallabha, the ahamkāra[10] within us has to be destroyed. All types of pride have to become extinct. Then only we can understand His power, His mercy and His real nature.

Word References

[1] A kingdom of South India
[2] The highest Lord
[3] King of the devas; Indra
[4] Demon
[5] Penance, fiery aspiration
[6] The South Indian city of Madurai
[7] Food given as an offering
[8] Illusion
[9] The highest reality
[10] The identification or the attachment to one’s own ego; arrogance

Video of Part 1 Chapter 2 of Srī Siddhendra Yogi and the Story of Vichitrapuram – Sripada Srivallabha Charitramrutam (English)

Video of Part 1 Chapter 2 of Srī Siddhendra Yogi and the Story of Vichitrapuram – Sripada Srivallabha Charitramrutam (Kannada) – Coming soon

Video of Part 1 Chapter 2 of Srī Siddhendra Yogi and the Story of Vichitrapuram – Sripada Srivallabha Charitramrutam (Telugu)

Video of Part 1 Chapter 2 of Srī Siddhendra Yogi and the Story of Vichitrapuram – Sripada Srivallabha Charitramrutam (Tamil)

Video of Part 1 Chapter 2 of Srī Siddhendra Yogi and the Story of Vichitrapuram – Sripada Srivallabha Charitramrutam (Hindi)

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