Part 5 – Chapter – 3 – Listen O’ Fellow Travellers – Fragrance of Sai Bhakti

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NANAIntroduction (Preface, Foreword, A Devotee Speaks and A Thought)
Chapter 1Part 1In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 2In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 3In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 4In Moments of Ecstasy
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Chapter 2Part 5The Heart Overflows
Chapter 2Part 6The Heart Overflows
Chapter 3Part 1Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Chapter 3Part 2Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Chapter 3Part 3Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Chapter 3Part 4Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Part 5 – Chapter – 3 – Listen O’ Fellow Travellers – Fragrance of Sai Bhakti
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When the master of all is One (Sabka Malik Ek), then how can his children be different? If there is any difference, it is because of place, situation, climate, earth and the like – all external things. Let us recognize this oneness and endeavour to end all external differentiations. Then only we shall deserve to be called the children of Sai. Our soul, our body, our coming into the world, our feelings towards our father and mother, brothers and sisters are all the same; the thoughts arising in our heart, the thinking of our mind and even our pleasures and pains, feelings of fear, affection, aspirations are all similar. Then why should we be so much allergic to each other. Let us recognize this oneness and adopt it in our lives.


Life is in giving and not in taking and accumulating. Our Sai all his life lived on earth, kept on giving with both hands whatever became available to him. He never accumulated anything for the morrow. Those of us, who call ourselves his devotees, must peep within ourselves and think over, how far and how much have we been able to tread on the path shown by Baba? Let us make an assessment of our own selves and determine if it isn’t a mere delusion of ours to be termed as his devotee.

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We claim to be the devotees of Sai Samartha. Our daily rituals, include performing Baba’s Aarti, reading one chapter of ‘Shri Sai Satcharitra’, lighting a ‘deepak’ before him and burning an incense stick. Before starting our meals we make an offering first to Baba. O’ yes, a few days back on visiting Shirdi we had brought a marble statue of Baba also which we have installed in our prayer room. It seems that a sea of happiness has encircled our existence from all sides. As and when the big or small problems of life confront us, we seek the help of Baba. And Baba too listens to our prayers. Sometimes it appears that Baba has bestowed on us some special powers, of which we often boast about, while talking to our friends and relations. We do not hesitate to show our nearness to Baba, whenever we get an occasion to do so. If we have studied Shri Sai Satcharitra with all seriousness, we would have found that Baba had himself said in his lifetime: “I give to my devotees what they want in the hope that they would learn to want, what I want to give to them”. Have we ever gone into the depth of these words? Are we correct in making demands from Baba every moment? And as regards displaying of powers: Let us not forget that Baba had warned against the acquisition of ‘Siddhis’.

We are extremely fortunate in having taken to a God like Sai in our life who is extremely simple in approach and who responds to our requests easily. This has been possible due to some good Karmas of ours, performed in our lives past. We must not spend this hard-earned wealth of ours with so much ease. Let us deeply think over within us and take to Baba with perfect surrender to him.


The simplicity and compassion which Baba’s idol reflects was also discernible in his life, living and activities on earth. If we go deeply into every leela of Baba, his observations and advices to devotees, his appreciations and rebuffs for their actions, his jokes and concerns for devotees, we shall find that at the base of every incident, Baba had a hidden intention. His aim was to help his devotees live a life away from all ambiguities and as far as possible not seeking merely worldly attainments. Let us make it a way of our life to look within us and determine that whatever work we are engaged in his name whether or not it is as per the path shown by him. We should then chalk out the further course of life in accordance with what our inner self suggests.


How fortunate are we to have made Sai the be – all and end of – all of our life. Let us dismantle the walls of hatred and differentiation; we have been building within us all our lives. Even if a trace of what we have built so far is left intact, it is bound to leave blots of impurity on our ‘Aatma’ and take us away from our goal. Let our ‘aatma’ be pure and sparklingly clean. It would then surely and certainly merge in its source – ‘Sai’.


Baba! When sweet, pleasant and fragrant glades walking on which provides pleasure to our ‘Aatma’ and generates Pure and Satvik feelings, are available to us, why do we take to paths, treading on which gives rise to impure vibrations and creates repulsive atmosphere around us? Is it not the handiwork of ‘Maya’? All our Sages and Saints all through the ages have prevailed upon us to take to paths, which make our life sweet and fragrant. But we instead take to ways walking on which later becomes the cause of our pains. Isn’t it a great fallacy?


If we learn to shed the currents of joy all around us, we could certainly be able to provide comfort to persons living around us afflicted with misery. This is certain – “The proof of eating is in the pudding”. Do it and experience it for yourself, how soul stirring experience it is to spread happiness around you. The waves of happiness spread by you would return to you and get accumulated in your own Jholi (Bag).


If we have taken to Sai with all seriousness and endeavoured to understand him, the life lived by him is bound to lead us to the conclusion that we must live our life not only for ourselves but in the service of others also who are not different from us. Even a dog fills its own belly. If we have spent our life in filling our own belly and accumulating wealth only for the use of the self, then where shall there remain any difference between ourselves and the dog? Why then have we caught hold of the hand of Baba? Give this a thought and while there is still some time left at our disposal, let us live the life in the way as it should be.


In the glitter of social markets all around, we get lost and give up our real recognition. What a great delusion is it, that leaving aside the real, we run after the unreal? And by the time the reality dawns on us, it gets too late and we remain a mere helpless spectator of all that has happened.


When bhakti matures, external pretentious get automatically shed off. A Sai devotee needs not grow a beard and take to ochre robes. As bhakti gets deeper, life should attain ‘Sehajta’ (naturalness). When a gentleman in his new incarnation wearing a long beard and ochre robes came to me accompanied by a person who accosted him as a ‘Guru’, with folded hands I entreated the accompanying person to let his Guru remain a mere devotee and not help him in boosting up his ego. Later, it turned out to be as apprehended. The fellow accompanying him gave him such a jolt from which he could not recover in his short span of life thereafter. What to talk of being a Guru, he could not remain even his disciple. Faith in a person and respect for him should not necessarily be reflected in words but in conduct.


If anyone finds faults in your conduct, do not allow it to make you feel dejected. Search your own inner self and consider how much his words carry conviction. May be you have slipped somewhere which has made that person to use that language for you. If you find it necessary to make any improvements in your conduct, do make and forget his words. If you find that there was no truth behind his words even then forget them and carry no ill will for that person in your heart. Take it that he has in fact done you a favour by providing you the opportunity to look within your own self. To make a correct assessment of your conduct that person also needs to have a certain standard in his own self which is hardly possible for a man who uses harsh language for others. Think over, whether that person himself has been able to imbibe even the basic principles of civility? To proclaim himself to be a devotee of Baba is a far-fetched thing. Never entertain the idea of doing him some wrong. Allow not yourself to come down from the standards you have succeeded in attaining thus far by the grace of Baba. Pray to Baba to bestow on him, a better sense of judgement.


If a devotee ever starts having the feeling of bitterness for someone, take it for granted that he has certainly lost the track of bhakti and is getting involved in worldliness. There should never be bitterness in the life of a devotee. God can only dwell in a heart which is overflowing with love.


Adverse comments of a person hurt us for the reason that our ears have become used to hearing our praises and appreciations only. If we learn to take our criticism and praises in a detached manner, we shall not then have the feeling of pain on listening to our criticism. Analyze both situations within yourself and try to remain unaffected from the feelings of pleasure or pain. Try to develop ‘Samdrishti’ in all situations. Treading on the path of bhakti will certainly help you to maintain your cool.


We are always engaged in search of pleasure. Have we ever given a thought, how much the impact of pleasure would increase, if we off and on, keep on experiencing pain in life!


O’ the self in me! Feel not glorified on your achievements on your gains, on your acts which have brought honour to you and grieve not on all that which has made you feel miserable for both are transitory and shall perish and fade away in course of time. There is a ‘bakshish’ which your Sai has bestowed on you, realize it, live in it, make it a part of your life – It is the supreme gift of clinging to his holy feet, to be lost in him, to make him the be – all and end – all of your life and live in his glory. Remember! It is due to the noble deeds performed by you in your lives past that you have been able to knock at his door. Squander not this great opportunity in asking from him the transitory things of life, such as name, fame, money and pleasures of life. Know that, there is something much more glorified and abiding than these things of life which your Sai is capable of bestowing on you. Seek them and live in them for these will provide solace to your aatma, fill you with bliss and ultimately free you from the bondage of life and death and provide peace eternal to your soul. Tell me: Is the today lived in the grip of transitory pleasures more glorified or the tomorrow lived in Aatmanand?

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