Part 4 – Chapter – 3 – Listen O’ Fellow Travellers – Fragrance of Sai Bhakti

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NANAIntroduction (Preface, Foreword, A Devotee Speaks and A Thought)
Chapter 1Part 1In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 2In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 3In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 4In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 2Part 1The Heart Overflows
Chapter 2Part 2The Heart Overflows
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Chapter 3Part 1Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Chapter 3Part 2Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Chapter 3Part 3Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Part 4 – Chapter – 3 – Listen O’ Fellow Travellers – Fragrance of Sai Bhakti


In Sai worship, a phenomenon has been witnessed in which Udi or honey flows down from the picture of Baba, which is termed as a miracle. There are also a few cases in which ashes materialize either in the palms of a person or on the ‘palloo’ of saree of a lady or on the picture of Baba by virtue of such feats. There are cases of individuals acquiring the status of a Guru as they are deemed to be superior human beings. There are some other types of miracles ascribed to Baba, for example, Baba’s picture appearing on trees, on walls, or the size of a garland placed on a picture of Baba increasing automatically. To see such miracles large crowds of people assemble. The devotees see Baba’s Kripa in such cases but the agnostics condemn such beliefs. I often wonder as to why should such gimmicks be ascribed to Baba. In the modern age, the scientific mind is forced to conjure as to why this display of divinity, if it is at all so. As per our scriptures, for persons who have mastered ‘Tantra Vidya’, the display of such powers is possible but the use of this knowledge of ‘Tantra Vidya’ is considered a perversity and is prohibited from displaying in spirituality. These are considered by no means a great achievement. This author has personally seen the display of such powers on a number of occasions by most ordinary persons, who have themselves vouched the authenticity of what has been stated above. Further more, if we consider Baba ‘Par-Brahm-Parmeshwar’, what need is there for him to display powers? Surely these powers are the result of display by other spirits hovering all around us and should not, therefore, be associated with Baba. On practicing Tantra Vidya, persons after doing some Sadhana do attain such miraculous powers and make use of these powers for personal gain. Miracles do take place. There can be no denying this fact. For sages and saints, time and distance is no barrier and our Baba did possess powers as do all saints, to see beyond time and space. He was a ‘Trikal Gyani’. He exhibited, whenever occasion so demanded, these powers. But it is beyond our understanding as to what need is there for Baba to show powers which serve no useful purpose such as the length of garland increasing, or Udi materializing on pictures. Let us ponder! Why should we try to bring down our Baba who is a saint of the highest order to such lower levels? Amongst so called Baba’s devotees, some persons have been seen using such powers and earning name and fame for themselves. Baba does come miraculously to the help of his devotees at the time of their need but surely and by no stretch of imagination he is a magician. Let us stop attributing such miracles to Baba and not bring him down from the highest pedestal he occupies in the realm of spirituality.


Crave not for Baba’s grace to attain things which provide you momentary pleasures. Baba and his grace is a very treasured possession of yours, which you have succeeded in acquiring in this age of ‘Kaliyuga’ with little effort. Fritter it not with such ease as it shall stand you in good stead when you need it most.

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Look at Sai with one pointed attention. Look into his eyes, look more deeply, still more deeply and lose your identity in his eyes full of compassion. Then stare at him with your inner eyes; look with so much depth and so intently that your inner eyes start seeing him. With your inner eyes take him into the deep of your heart and establish him there. Keep on practicing thus constantly. A day shall come when Sai would have established his reign in your heart. And then you and Sai shall become one.


Remember that you have to go a long way and the time available to you is limited. Keeping an eye on your destination, continue to tread on. Your Sai is with you. One day you shall certainly reach the destination. Have no doubts about it. It is difficult to take to the path but once you have taken to it, on every step the destination will be coming nearer to you. Worry not for the encumbrances on the way for your Sai is with you.


Everything in life is controlled by our own mental state. If we sit before Baba with extreme quietude, implore for his blessings, keep a check on the vagrant nature of our mind and merge our identity with our Sai, then the waves emanating from the purity of our heart and conduct would help in drawing some towards Baba and we may then be able to render real service to the cause of Sai bhakti.


Make Sai to enter the portals of your head and heart. Make him your very own and become his own. Endeavour to make Sai the way of your life. Slowly and slowly you shall find that Sai has become an integral part of your existence. You and Sai have become one. You have attained oneness with Sai. While sitting, standing or walking in every state, you shall become conscious of the presence of Sai. He has become an integral part of every action of your life and your whole existence would then be filled with Sai-Tatva. On every turning of life, you shall acquire an ease and facility and a day shall come when you will find that when you existed, Sai did not and now when Sai exists, your individuality has ceased to exist.


The pleasure which is felt on remaining child-like does not exist on feeling matured. The mother understands every need of the child. If we take to Baba in extremely natural, simple and motherly way, it is certain that Baba shall have to give us mother like affection. He shall have to understand every need of ours. Let us give it a thought: How easy our life will then have become.


When the ocean of love is flowing all around us, why should we try to take a dip in the dirty waters of the drains? Let us endeavour to remove the very roots of hatred from within us and learn to spread the fragrance of love all around us. We are the children of Sai who is Love Incarnate


The mirror of bhakti is a devotee’s conduct. If a person calling himself the devotee of Baba, hasn’t been able to imbibe purity in his conduct, then how could he be entitled to call himself his devotee? Let us ponder over!!


“When Sai existed, I did not. Now Sai is there, I am not”. Imprint this message of Kabir on the tablet of your heart and surrender yourself to your Sai. The truth of this statement will reveal to you of its own.

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