Part 3 – Chapter – 3 – Listen O’ Fellow Travellers – Fragrance of Sai Bhakti

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NANAIntroduction (Preface, Foreword, A Devotee Speaks and A Thought)
Chapter 1Part 1In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 2In Moments of Ecstasy
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Chapter 3Part 1Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Chapter 3Part 2Listen O’ Fellow Travellers
Part 3 – Chapter – 3 – Listen O’ Fellow Travellers – Fragrance of Sai Bhakti


The heart which nurtures hatred cannot be a fit place for Sai to dwell. Let us, therefore, endeavor to remove the very seed of hatred from our hearts. The evil which a person displays should be hated and not the person himself. ‘Hate the sin and not the sinner’ – is an ancient saying. Devotion can only mature in a neat and clean heart.


We should shed away the habit of looking outside. Who is doing what, should not be the subject concerning us. Let us endeavour to imbibe the habit of becoming thoughtless. If we do want something, let us seek the proximity of Baba and endeavour to be without ‘Gunas’ – good or bad. We must always keep in mind that time is fleeting away and we have to go a long way.

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The words can merely provide solace to the heart but actual experience (अनुभूति) is the food of ‘Aatma’. It is almost impossible to bind experience of the ‘Aatma’ in the web of words. When words cease to act, experience (अनुभूति) starts. Sitting with one pointed attention, enjoy the feeling of bliss within and get yourself lost in it. In that state you shall experience that you and your Sai are close to each other.


One day my Sai spoke to me thus in my ears:
“Why do you always remain engrossed in acts seeking distinct recognition?
Sometimes you write poetry and at times you talk of bhakti,
All this is merely the reflection of your own ego,
When you shall have recognized your Sai,
You shall stop talking thus
Neither would you then write books, nor take part in seminars, 
You shall enter into the portals of your heart, 
And experience ‘Parmanand’,
Which is beyond words.
Your whole existence shall then start talking the language
Which no human tongue can express
O’ you the ignorant! Stop this useless talking of yours
And give up showing your devotion
Is devotion something to be shown? 
Lose yourself completely in your Sai
And enjoy the bliss of your being”.


The world is an inn and everyone has been sent to live in it for a limited period. Why not do we spend this time taking it to be priceless? Why should we waste it in nursing feelings of hatred, jealousy, animosity and the like? In fact these traits constitute our own weaknesses. Let us endeavour to give these up and raise ourselves above them and endeavour to recognize our own self and scatter around us all the love which our Sai has filled our heart with.


The one who cares not for the vicissitudes of life, carries not the desire for worldly pleasures and earnestly and consistently keeps on chanting Sai’s name in all situations, is indeed blessed and becomes entitled to be called Sai’s devotee. If one keeps on treading the path of Sai bhakti honestly and with perfect dedication, he is sure to reach the goal sooner or later as per his ‘Prarabdha’. He has merely to imbibe ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’ within him.


One, who has taken to spiritual path earnestly, cannot nurse the feelings of hatred and ill-will for anyone as the basic foundation of spirituality is love and a heart saturated with love cannot entertain such base instincts. ‘Love begets love’ is an ancient saying. May be it takes some time for the feelings to crystallize. Sai, all His life lived on earth distributed the bread of His love and compassion without any distinction to all around Him – animate and inanimate alike. The ocean of love in His bosom flowed all around Him unhindered.


Let us think deeply: the worldly attainments we are running after, where shall these take us to at the end? The destination of all is the same viz attainment of self realization. Then, why this mad race? Let us not leave any stone unturned in fulfilling our duties. To exist in the world, it is absolutely essential for us to discharge our duties, but we should not allow our ‘aatma’ to become the servant of our duties. The currents of ‘Aatmanand’ which are floating within us, should not be allowed to be polluted. Irrespective of the fact whether or not we have been able to make worldly attainments, we must preserve the purity of our heart and allow our Sai sitting therein to do its churning.


We can succeed in any errand undertaken in Baba’s name only when our intentions are pure and ‘Satvik’ and for accomplishing which pure, honest and truthful means have been adopted. Baba prevailed upon his devotees in his life time that in order to obtain his grace, they should first give up their cleverness (चातुर्य). On the basis of the experience of his whole life, the author of this book could say with confidence that we shall certainly succeed in our endeavours based on honesty of purpose but we shall have to patiently wait for the results as also maintain our cool. In my childhood, I had heard my mother reciting the following couplet:

अजगर करे ना चाकरी, पंछी करे ना काम,

दास मलूका कह गए, सब के दाता राम

“The python serves no one, nor does a bird do any work,

Das Maluka, the Poet says: The provider of bread to everyone is God”

When God is capable of providing food even to those without any means, could the man who has abundant means at his disposal remain unsuccessful in achieving his goals? Certainly not, but surely we shall have to maintain purity of means in achieving the same.


If we wish to make Sai worship the ornament of our life, we shall have to take to the pure and ‘Satvik’ path of bhakti. The other way of asking from Baba what one needs and in return, on getting his desire fulfilled, offer him a chunk from our wealth in the form of ‘Prasad’ or some valuable gift as an expression of gratitude to him, may serve our worldly needs but surely it shall take us no further. It may add to our worldly comforts but certainly not help us in elevating our soul. Let us go deep within us and determine whether we are looking for temporary solutions of problems of life or of abiding ones, which provide solace to our aatma.

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