Part 3 – Chapter – 2 – The Heart Overflows – Fragrance of Sai Bhakti

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Chapter No.Part No.Content of the Chapter
NANAIntroduction (Preface, Foreword, A Devotee Speaks and A Thought)
Chapter 1Part 1In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 2In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 3In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 1Part 4In Moments of Ecstasy
Chapter 2Part 1The Heart Overflows
Chapter 2Part 2The Heart Overflows


Sai! The whole of my life you have kept on showering on me your immeasurable bounties. Today I seek one favour from you: ‘The desire to become desireless’. I implore you O’ my Baba, do bestow it on me and make me eternally your own. When desires shall cease to arise within me, an absolute peace, an unshakeable quietude, a magnanimous silence and an eternal joy shall enter the portals of my head and heart and establish therein your reign.


Sai! You are my ‘Purna Brahm Parmeshwar’ – the God Almighty. You are my Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (The Trinity). You alone are my Rama, Krishna and Siva. Beyond you nothing exists nor have I known of anything, nor do I carry the feeling to know anything. The Brahm (ब्रह्म) – the Vedas and Shastras talk about, that which has been talked about in the Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna, who is that, the stages which my ‘Aatma’ shall have to cross before merging into ‘Parmatma’; which deity have I to worship; neither do I know nor do I desire to know. My ‘aatma’ has experienced proximity to you. Whatever it has gained, has gained from you. Whether or not it has gained anything – all such questions neither do crop up in my mind nor do these bother me. I have an unflinching faith in you and you do kindly provide me the strength to remain firm in my belief. It is my invincible faith that a day shall come when I shall surely reach my goal. If Maharishi Valmiki (poet & writer of Ramayana) could attain deathlessness chanting ‘Mara Mara’ in place of ‘Rama Rama’, how could it be that I by taking your name in the form I have known you, shall not reach my destination.

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Sai! I am an anachronism (अपवाद) on the path of Sai Bhakti. I take your name but do not hesitate to beat the drums of my own attainments. The day my surrender to you shall be complete, I shall stop beating the drums of my ownself. My whole being shall then become quiet.


Sai, the heart which has always felt the sweetness of your love, the eyes which get filled by tears of joy merely on the mention of your name, the tongue which has continuously chanted ‘Sai, Sai’, the ears which cherish nothing else than the stories of your leelas, the body which on the very mention of your name has felt thrilled, today in its worn out state, feels sometimes of having developed a little distance from you. Please tell me how would my ‘Aatma’ feel? Just as, the fish if taken out of the river and imprisoned in a bowl full of water, would feel. Baba I beseech you: I have no desire to live a meaningless life. My life-breath, all my feelings are not desirous to remain imprisoned within the limitations of the body without their ‘Sai’. If you want me to continue living in the sheath of body, every particle of it should experience your existence. If the earning of my life lived in your name, is not enough then there is no need for the continuance of this physical frame. Baba you are the sheath of my ‘Aatma’, you shall certainly not leave your devotee. Then what wrong have I done to you?


My ‘Masti’ (State of carefreeness)

Leave me alone in my ‘Masti’
My world is now different 
I exist along with my Sai
Nothing else is now left for me to desire for.

The world laughs at me 
I run far away from the world
Let nobody tease me now
My world is totally different 

The heart in which Sai dwells 
Nothing else can stay therein
Leave me alone in my present state 
Lest my ‘Masti’ leaves me


I implore you my Baba to bestow on me a boon which not many shall seek from you. I pray to you to make every echo of my breath vibrate with thy name. Separate recognition of the self in me should cease and it may completely be merged in you. On the heap of the earth constituting the physical frame called ‘I’, may grow a rose plant, laden with beautiful flowers, the fragrance oozing out of which should fill the whole existence with the sweetness of your name and create awareness of your grace all around.


Where is the need to seek you elsewhere O’ my Baba, when you are occupying every pore of my body? When you yourself have become the self in me, then why should this difference of ‘I’ and ‘you’ exist?


When the self in me, leaving aside its cleverness, shall seek the protection of its Sai, the joy it shall then experience, shall be much greater than all the happiness collected by it using his own brain. It shall take it towards the state of ‘Paramanand’ (Absolute Bliss). O’ the self in me why don’t you give up all your cleverness and surrender to Sai and become totally free from all worries? You shall then find how easy and carefree your life has become!


I am a bird flying high into the sky without any bounds. The branch of every tree is my abode. One day I sit on one branch and the next day on another. Neither do I have a name nor a permanent abode. Ages have passed for me to hop on like this but I am unable to reach my destination. Taking the highest branch of the tree safe for me, I build my nest on it but one day possibly the arrow of a hunter shall make me its prey. In search of safety, I have reached this place – taking my Sai to be my whole and sole. I have surrendered (समर्पण) my all to him. But seeing me sitting under the cool shade of this tree also, the world does not allow me to do so comfortably. But my unshakable faith shall be enough to make me reach my destination.


In the calmer moments of my life when I get lost in my Sai, an infinite overpowering joy starts flowing within me. Sai and I become one. Time ceases to exist. In those glorious moments of existence, an eternal joyous calm prevails in my heart. Sai, you are the beacon of light in the ocean of miseries and despair surrounding the man of today all around him and provide him hope and relief from the burdens of life. When all hopes leave one, you come running for his help, lift him up, embrace him and generate confidence in him saying: “Why should one fear, when I am there? Have faith in me and I shall take you beyond the seven seas”.

More poems and thoughts in coming part of the chapter

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