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Chapter 1Part 1Our Anna
Chapter 1Part 2Our Anna
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Chapter 2Part 2Arrival Of Sai Baba In Shirdi
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Chapter 3Part 2Shama
Chapter 3Part 3Shama
Chapter 4Part 1Baba’s Dakshina
Chapter 4Part 2Baba’s Dakshina
Chapter 5Part 1Mahalasa – Importance Of Nama-Japa
Chapter 6Part 1Thirst For God Realization
Chapter 7Part 1 Baba’s Teachings
Chapter 7 Part 2Baba’s Teachings
Chapter 8Part 1Why Did You Come To A Muslim?
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Chapter 10Part 1Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu
Chapter 10 Part 2Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu
Chapter 10Part 3Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu
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Chapter 12Part 1Guru Bhakti
Chapter 12 Part 2Guru Bhakti
Chapter 13Part 1Treasure Of Love
Chapter 13Part 2Treasure Of Love
Chapter 14NAChanak Leela
Chapter 15Part 1Five Laddus
Chapter 15Part 2Five Laddus
Chapter 16Part 1The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 2The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 3The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 4The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Part 5 – Chapter 16 – The Method Of Baba’s Instructions – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

Continued CHAPTER 16

The Method Of Baba’s Instructions

6. Laxman Ganesh alias Kaka Mahajani

(i) Kaka, this particular book is for you (It was Eknathi Bhagwat). Pour mind and heart in it. Only this book will help you.

7. Annasaheb Dabholkar alias HemadPant

(i) Anna, you have to write My biography. I give you My consent and full permission. Do not allow any doubts to enter into your mind. Trust in Me. Believe in what I say, make up your mind and be determined.

(ii) Do not eat any thing without offering it to Me.

(iii) My method of instruction to My devotees, is different from that of others. As a female tortoise nourishes and protects her babies only through her glance, I also look after My devotees only by watching them.

(iv) Baba had given the meaningful name ‘Hemad’ to Annasaheb. He (Baba) made him a treasurer of Shirdi Sansthan.

8. Shrimant Bapusahib Buti

(i) Bapusahib, you go to Bapusahib Jog’s house for your meals day-and-night. Go everyday. It is my order. (Bapusahib obeyed. His order faithfully and went to Jog’s house twice a day to dine. This went on for one complete year. Why Baba gave him such an order has been discussed above i.e. previous post.)

(ii) Baba told Bapusahib to construct the Samadhi Mandir. He (Baba) inspired him to donate generously from his wealth for charity and towards other good causes.

(iii) Baba taught humility to Bapusahib and instructed him to overcome his pride for wealth. Bapusahib learnt to obey the commands of his Guru. Baba thus turned him (Bapusahib) away from worldly attachments and put him on spiritual path i.e. journey from Pravrutti to Nivrutti. Under Baba’s guidance Bapusahib thus became completely detached and free from desires and got rid of his ego.

9. Brahmibhoot UpasaniBaba (Sakori)

(i) Baba asked him to go to the shrine of Khandoba (a deity) and stay there permanently.

(ii) Whatever alms Baba received daily. He used to give one Roti (Bhakri) to UpasaniBaba. He transformed him completely.

10. RadhaKrishna-Aai

(i) RadhaKrishna-Aai was allowed to come upto the verandah of Dwarkamai but had no permission to climb on it. Baba would give her roti and subji (Bread and cooked vegetables) everyday. Baba had instructed not eat anything other than that.

(ii) She had an idol of God Krishna with her. Baba inspired her to carry the idol for twenty four hours with her.

(iii) Baba used to go to Lendi garden everyday. RadhaKrishna-Aai would sweep and clean the way which Baba would go. 

(iv) She was the main person among those who renovated Baba’s main abode. Shirdi town then was converted into ‘Sansthan’. It was all due Baba’s inspiration.

(v) She received Baba’s precept from her young age. Baba insisted that she should serve the Saints and try to be ascetic. Her behavior showed that she had imbibed fully whatever Baba had taught her.

RadhaKrishna Maai

She was one of the prominent devotees of Sai Baba who brought about lot of reforms and started new rituals in Shirdi. She has been instrumental for starting Shej Arti of Sai Baba in Shirdi.

11. Balakram Mankar

(i) Baba ordered him to go to Nagpur and stay on the hill of Ramtek. Baba gave him darshan while he was there. He was also blessed with the experience of realization.

(ii) After a year he came back to Shirdi, where Baba gave him a few more spiritual lessons. Baba never allowed anybody to ask or inquire about it.

(iii) Mankar told Kaka Dixit and other people in the Wada, that he never slept at night.

(iv) According to Baba’s instructions and His blessings he had become fully ascetic.

12. Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandare

(i) He was working in Railway department. He knew very little about any other sort of work. But Baba motivated him and got many of the private job done for Shirdi Sasthan. He used to look after repair work of Dwarkamai. On the road to Lendi garden, he got a big iron arch erected and decorated it with a flowering creeper (Climbing Plant).

(ii) When Baba would not like the job he did, He would demolish it and abuse him. But talking in a gentle tone, Baba would again get it done by Purandare.

(iii) Baba persued Purandare in his dreams and thus got the construction of Chawadi completed (Chawadi, A meeting Place for people).

(iv) Many other things he provided to Shirdi Sansthan. Such as, chariot, palanquin, horse and its saddle, together with its decorating ornaments; small silver stool (Chouranga), small silver articles to be kept in a shrine like umbrella, flag and banners, silver sticks, silver water pot, silver bell etc. Baba got all these things done by him.

(v) You, yourself should do your own work. Never depend on other and do not trouble anybody. Always you should remember this.

(vi) If anybody throws hundred bucket full of dirt or slush (mud), do not retaliate with the same action. Do not return evil for evil. At the most you can say a word of disapproval and quit.

(vii) You should try to feed as many people as possible.

(viii) Be caring to all.

(ix) Let this work be as it is. (Whatever you have done is not up to the mark.) We will get it renovated after sometime.

(x) Keep coming here intermittently. Take care of Samadhi place. All sorts of people come here. Among them are blind and lame persons, good or bad, men, women and children of all castes and creed. You must attend to all. (Purandare, in person, has told the above details to the author of this book, Dr. K. B. Gawankar. At that time, Purandare was a trustee of Shirdi Sansthan and the author was a joint treasurer)

Raghunathrao Purandhare

A devotee whom Sai Baba used to scold, but he held the Feet of His Guru so tight that Sai Baba became a Father to him. Their relationship is very special as Baba would love and take care of him like a son.

13. Anna Chinchnikar

(i) Baba explained Bhagwad Gita to him. He emphasized on Chapter 17, Stanza 20. He elucidated the commentary of Dnyaneshwari on it. Through Kakasaheb Dixit Baba inspired Anna to donate his movable and immovable property to Shirdi Sansthan. It was Worth Rupees Twenty thousand, at that time.

Through the above illustration, Baba instructed His devotees. If you want to donate anything with a good intention (Satwik daan) you should check if the receiver qualifies for it or not.

(ii) Because of Baba’s precept and His grace, Anna and his wife Laxmibai were totally immersed in His devotion.

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