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NANANote By G.P.Sinha
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NA NA Foreword
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Chapter 1Part 1Our Anna
Chapter 1Part 2Our Anna
Chapter 1Part 3Our Anna
Chapter 2Part 1Arrival Of Sai Baba In Shirdi
Chapter 2Part 2Arrival Of Sai Baba In Shirdi
Chapter 3Part 1Shama
Chapter 3Part 2Shama
Chapter 3Part 3Shama
Chapter 4Part 1Baba’s Dakshina
Chapter 4Part 2Baba’s Dakshina
Chapter 5Part 1Mahalasa – Importance Of Nama-Japa
Chapter 6Part 1Thirst For God Realization
Chapter 7Part 1 Baba’s Teachings
Chapter 7 Part 2Baba’s Teachings
Chapter 8Part 1Why Did You Come To A Muslim?
Chapter 9Part 1Dissemination
Chapter 10Part 1Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu
Chapter 10 Part 2Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu
Chapter 10Part 3Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu
Chapter 11Part 1Sadguru
Chapter 11 Part 2Sadguru
Chapter 12Part 1Guru Bhakti
Chapter 12 Part 2Guru Bhakti
Chapter 13Part 1Treasure Of Love
Chapter 13Part 2Treasure Of Love
Chapter 14NAChanak Leela
Chapter 15Part 1Five Laddus
Chapter 15Part 2Five Laddus
Chapter 16Part 1The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 2The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 3The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 4The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 5The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 6The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 16Part 7The Method Of Baba’s Instructions
Chapter 17NAExperiencing Divinity
Chapter 18Part 1What Was Baba’s Denomination
Chapter 18Part 2What Was Baba’s Denomination
Chapter 19NASome Stories & Quotes
Chapter 20Part 1Bhau Is Not A Beast Of Burden
Chapter 20Part 2Bhau Is Not A Beast Of Burden
Chapter 21Part 1I Have To Protect My Child
Chapter 21Part 2I Have To Protect My Child
Chapter 22Part 1Transformation
Chapter 22Part 2Transformation
Chapter 23Part 1All About His Photographs
Chapter 23Part 2All About His Photographs
Part 3 – Chapter 23 – All About His Photographs – ShirdiChe Sai Baba



Noor Mohammad was Ali’s brother-in-law. He was a disciple of saint Abdul Rehman. Noor had his Guru’s photograph in his house. He made six copies which were then distributed amongst his friends. One copy was given to Ali also. Once Noor had gone for his guru’s darshan. He wanted to offer one copy of the photo to him. Instead of accepting it the guru got angry and fired him as image-worship is forbidden in Islam. Noor was very much upset. He felt dejected and gloomy as he had become the reason for his guru’s anger.

Ali Mohammad was staying at Noor’s house as he was to undergo a surgery. Noor told him about what had happened. He collected all the six photo frames given to his friends and immersed them in the sea at Bandra. Noor told Ali that unless he removes all the photos on the wall of his house he would not become alright, the guru had said. When Ali returned to his house he saw all the photos were removed by Noor, except the one of Sai Baba. Ali did not know what to do with that photo of Baba. He thought that Moulana Ism Mujawar will guide him. Ali then went to Moulana who said, “If it is given to Annasaheb Dabholkar, it will be safe. He is Baba’s dear devotee”. In this way Baba had set the things in proper place. Thus the photograph came to Annasaheb in 1917 but its mystery was revealed after nine years. 

The thread ceremony of the elder son of Kakasaheb Dixit was arranged at Nagpur. Marriage function of elder son of Nanasaheb Chandorkar was fixed and was decided to be carried out at Gwalior. So both of them went to Shirdi personally, to invite Baba for these auspicious ceremonies. Baba told them that Shama would be His representative. Kaka insisted on Him to come personally. Baba said, “I will come via Kashi and Prayag. I will be there before Shamya comes”.

Shama alias Madhavrao Deshpande prepared for the travel. Anna Kote also joined him. As per Baba’s instructions, they went to Nagpur and then to Gwalior. Both the hosts gave them enough money towards expenses. After attending the ceremony, Shama left for Kashi and Ayoddhya, where he spent twenty-one days. He then started for Gaya by railway. During the journey he met a person who was from Gaya. Shama had heard about the epidemic plague in Gaya. So He asked that Gayal (person from Gaya city) if it was a fact. He assured, “Do not be afraid. Come and see it yourself”. He requested Shama to come to his place without any doubt in mind.

Shama went to Gayal’s place. He was surprised to see Gayal’s huge wada. But he was more astonished to see Baba’s photo in his house. He became emotional. Tears of happiness filled his eyes. How did Gayal have that photo? Shama asked him. He elaborately told the details. “I had been to Shirdi twelve years back. I had heard about that Avaliya. In Shirdi, I saw Baba’s photo in Shamrao’s house. I liked it very much. With Baba’s permission Shamrao gave it to me. Shamrao, I have recognized you. You only have given this photoframe to me. It is yours only”. Shamrao was stunned at this miracle. He also recognized that he was the same Gayal. Both were very happy. In this way Baba was there before Shama reached. The story revealed Baba’s omnipresence.


In the next chapter "Is Sai Baba an Incarnation of Lord Krishna" will be discussed and proved.

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