Part 2 – Chapter 21 – I Have To Protect My Child – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

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Chapter 20Part 1Bhau Is Not A Beast Of Burden
Chapter 20Part 2Bhau Is Not A Beast Of Burden
Chapter 21Part 1I Have To Protect My Child – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

Continued to CHAPTER 21


Baba listened to him calmly but He showed his displeasure saying, “I do not need any plant or flowers. You can do gardening around your own house. If you want, and give the flowers to your beloved ones”.

He was continuously abusing Kaka. Two days passed-by. Somebody told Baba, “Baba, plants are drying up”.

Baba said, “Throw them away”.

On the third day, Baba sent Mahadu to call Purandare, who was staying at RadhaKrishna-Aai’s house. Mahadu came there and gave the message. Kaka said, “It is 8:30 p.m. and no one goes the masjid at this odd hour. I will come tomorrow morning”. Mahadu went back to Baba with message but Baba ordered Mahadu, “If he is not ready, catch hold of him and pull him here”.

Mahadu again came Kaka. Kaka was in tears. RadhaKrishna-Aai said in comforting tone, “Tai, (She used to call him by this name) now not be evasive. Your SaiMother always yearns for you. Baba scolds you, but He loves you so much. Do not cry. Your mother will not let your plants die. Even if they go dry, they will take root and bear flowers by His grace. Everybody will remember you for your work. Go; do not say ‘no’. Baba is calling at this late hour. He wants to tell you something good”.

Kaka got up and reached Dwarkamai. He stood near the stairs. Dadasaheb Kelkar was already sitting there. Baba “Come, Bhau (He called him ‘Bhau’) Come upstairs. Do not cry. Have I done anything wrong to you? Why do you harass Me? I have given you and will still give you may more things. Allah will fulfill your wishes, by giving you happiness equal to the treasures of the seven oceans. Why do you fear?”

Kaka said in frustration, “Baba, I have Your grace and that is sufficient for my satisfaction. The saplings I brought are drying up; and You do not allow me to plant them. I too do not wish to live now. Should I adorn my dead body with those plants?” Saying so Kaka brust out crying. He could not control his emotions. Baba asked him to come near Him. “Bhau, stop crying. Everyday I am repeating your name. I remember you constantly; then why do you cry? Go and plant all the saplings right now. Bring the soil from under the Banyan tree. Then all plants will survive, because that soil is good”. (This Banyan tree is by the side of Patil’s field.) Holding his hand, Baba made Bhau to sit by His side and advised him. “Why should you cry? You thought plants would die. But I will not let them die. I will save them. Your wish will be fulfilled. Allah is there. Take this Udi and go. Do not be late. Plants will not take roots in the morning. So do it now”. Baba put His blessing hand on Kaka’s head and smeared Udi on his forehead. Baba again said, “Your unwavering faith is worth admiration. Allah will protect you. He is Supreme”. Baba smiled. Kaka was very happy. He came back contented and told everything to Aai.

She said, “Didn’t I tell you, that there was something good to come? Your MotherSai yearns for you”. Then both of them went to fetch the soil from under the Banyan tree. Tatya Moreshwar and Damaji Master helped them to dig the ground. Aai and Purandare put the plants in the soil. They worked for the whole night. When they finished, it was time for Kakad-Aarti (Waving of lights before the break of the dawn). All the working men took bath and went for Aarti. But they found Baba in a rage. Nobody talked about anything. When Baba came from Lendi Baug, He ordered Kondaji to uproot the plants. Purandare was sitting on the porch of Aai’s house. He was very upset.

But nothing happened. The plants were safe. Nobody uprooted them. On the contrary, on the fourth day a gardener was appointed for watering and taking care of the plants. By the grace of Baba all the saplings which were dried up, took firm roots in the ground and all were alive. The plants started to bloom and then there were plenty of scented flowers available for Baba’s worship. Purandare’s wish was fulfilled!

In 1916, Purandare’s wife gave birth to a baby-boy. The baby had long hair all over the body and his nails also were abnormally grown. It was rainy season. Baby and his mother were at her father’s place. She was feared to have Eclampsia. Inspite of her tender condition she came to her own house in torrential rain. Dr. Khadwale of Bandra advised Purandare to admit her to his hospital. But he did not listen to the doctor. He had full faith in Baba. He thought, “If He wants to save her, she will be alright with the home treatment. But if He decides not to save her, then she will die even with the hospital treatment”. But because all the people around insisted, he agreed to admit her to the hospital, next morning.

Everybody face pleasure and pain in life. The Lord has devised pain so that one can enjoy more the taste of pleasure. Difficulties should be looked upon as opportunities for new achievements. Not understanding this, a huuman being surrenders to worldly objects, like money and other things. He thinks money brings pleasures. He falls prey to the objects and does not surrender to the Creator. In this act of ignorance he wastes his life just like a valuable diamond is unknowingly thrown into the sea. Life is given to him by the Almighty. He is the supporter. His Godliness lies in becoming favorable to all. But a human being demands petty and meagre things. If a human being gives a plaintive call, may be with utter agony or helpless anger, the Lord is sure to rush to him and relieve him from his pitiful condition. He will show the way out to get through the problems. Everyone should give a fervent call to the Lord when one is suffering and experience His supportive love. He gives you miraculous relief. All Saints have experienced such Love from Him. He, who is blessed with His grace, knows not what the pain is. Everything that Lord gives is a pleasure for him.

Purandare-Kaka had a complete faith in Sai Baba. For him, pain and pleasure were Sai’s Prasadam. He had reached the stage of equanimity. Kaka decided to shift his wife to the hospital as per the advice of relatives and friends. On the same midnight, he saw Baba in hallucination, entering his house with His ‘satka’ and a shoulder bag. As usual He was in towering anger. He ran to Kaka as if to beat him. He abused him. They went to the other room where Kaka’s wife was sleeping. He profusely applied Udi on her forehead. She at once got up screaming as the Udi was too hot. She also saw Baba who was standing by her bed. Purandare came to her on hearing her scream. She said, “Now you do not worry. Baba Himself has smeared Udi on my forehead. He is still standing by my side. I will not go to any hospital”. She was very happy. Her only complaint was that the Udi was so hot that she got her forehead ‘burnt’ her whole body was also having a burning sensation.

Next morning, all the friends including Kakasaheb Dixit and Dabholkar came to Kaka’s (Purandare) house to help him in shifting his wife to the hospital. Kaka told them everything that had happened at midnight and that he had dropped the idea of admitting her to the hospital. Dabholkar did not agree to it and advised him not to take the risk. But Dixit succeeded in convincing Dabholkar.

As Purandare believed, the incident was not a mere hallucination. His wife started improving from the same day and got completely alright in a few days. They decided to go to Shirdi in Christmas vacation to get the child blessed by Baba. But all other members of the family had made the programme of going to their native place. All including Kaka went to the station and purchased the tickets. There were twenty minutes for the arrival of train. Suddenly Kaka changed his mind and decided to go to Shirdi. His mother-in-law requested him to escort them (his wife and infant) upto the town and then go wherever he wanted. But Kaka was firm on his decision. He took the train to Kopargaon (Nearest station to Shirdi). He was so eager to see Baba that he asked his family to go to their native town and that he was not accompanying them.

When he reached Kopargaon station he was informed by Hasan Tongawala that Radhakrishan Aai was very sick and Baba also had fallen ill. He reached Shirdi at nine in the morning. He directly went to Dwarkamai. He saw many devotees were sitting around Baba. Kaka went up the stairs. On seeing him Baba said, “Come, Bhau, I am glad to see you here. I am not well and very much troubled. Now do not leave Me. Stay here. Last 3/4 days I have been waiting for you. I have told Kaka (Dixit) too, to stay at Radhakrishni’s (Baba used to call her Radhakrishni) place. You also go there but do not go away from Me”.

Purandare Kaka went to see RadhaKrishna-Aai. Her condition was worse than Baba. Baba had gone very weak; still His daily routine was unchanged. He could not walk unless 2-3 people supported Him. But He used to go for alms as usual. Seeing His condition Kaka was in tears. He said, “Baba, I will carry You on my Back”.

Baba said in consoling tone, “Do not cry. I will be alright in a few days. It is Allah-Miyan’s Will, so He has made Me suffer. I accept whatever He has given. Stop crying and go. Good times and bad times come in rotation. What is there to be scared off?”

Kaka then asked about the medicine for RadhaKrishna-Aai. Baba only said that she would improve. Next day Kaka again went to Baba as her condition grew worse. Baba then prepared some medicine and gave it to Kaka. Though Baba was not able to walk, He climbed up and came to Radhakrishni’s house. Then he started shouting, “Help me, help me. I cannot get out of here”. Tatya Patil was there. He said, “I will help You, what will You give me in return?”

Baba replied, “Ten rupees.”

“But why at all did You go up?” Tatya asked. Baba said, “Because some people aggressively came to Me. They wanted to kill Me. So I climbed up in fear”. After this event RadhaKrishna-Aai came out of her illness. (Did Baba send back the ‘death’ approaching her using His powers?)

Thus Baba was showing His Leelas. Kaka was there in Shirdi. From 25th December 1916 to 14h January 1917 he was on unpaid leave. Baba was all the time detaining him saying, “I am not well. So don’t go. Don’t leave Me. And don’t be afraid. Allah will manage everything. No one is superior to Him”.

Purandare Kaka joined the duties again. To his surprise, his leave was sanctioned and he got the full salary without any deduction. Few days later Kaka again came to Shirdi with his wife and the baby, who had then become seven months old. Baba jokingly said to others, “Do you know, Bhau (Purandare) was searching for Me since a long time? And finally he reached Me.” (Did Baba refer to the previous births here?) Baba’s words were mysterious. Purandare’s son was born at such a time which was supposed to be an inauspicious omen, Moola Nakshatra (a constellation). Many well wishers told Kaka to perform the traditional ritual for ‘Shanti’ (well-being) of the child. But Kaka did not pay attention to such hints. Someone told Baba, “He does not listen to anybody’s advice. You tell him to perform the shanti for the son.”

Baba said to that person, “Anna, why should Kaka take other’s advice when I am here? He is an eccentric. He sees Me everywhere. You may call him insane. But that is his steadfast faith in SaiMoula. I will see to it. Let him not do that ritual”. For Purandare, Sai Baba was the God, the Lord and the Supreme! Sai was his Hari, his Krishna.

When one experiences Hari or God or Sai, call Him by whatever name, he forgets what pain is. Even when he is in pain calmness constantly flows within his heart. He feels that his Hari is singing the plaintive song for him and he keeps on hearing it without any distraction. So the pain also turns into pleasure.

Friends, only once experience this, “God of Love”, Sai, and remain clutched to Him all the time; be it a moment of pleasure or pain. Then you will realize that your behaviour in this world was so very childish. Be His child and He will protect you. May Sai, the God of Love, occupy the hearts of all Jivas and may they be deeply immersed in His Love forever!


In this chapter we shall how a Brahmo Samajist is treated by Sai Baba and how he is transformed.

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