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Chapter 3Part 3Shama
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Chapter 4Part 2Baba’s Dakshina
Chapter 5Part 1Mahalasa – Importance Of Nama-Japa
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Chapter 8Part 1Why Did You Come To A Muslim?
Chapter 9Part 1Dissemination
Chapter 10Part 1Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu
Chapter 10 Part 2Bhakt – Parayan Dasganu

In 1903, I wrote the above mentioned book (Refer the last post). Baba had talked about town, ‘SELU‘, I had been to Selu and had inquired about Baba before writing anything. I then wrote the confirmed information. When I showed the book to Baba, He simply said, “It is okay“. I did not know whether Baba could read or write. Bhakta Leelamrut, my second book was published 1906. Bhakti Saramrut was published later. Chapter 52 and 53 this book were only about Baba. Baba again said “Okay” to it when I put my writings before Him. Rest of the chapters were written per convenience and the book was published in 1925. Baba had seen the chapters concerned.

Many of the actions done by Baba, used to be mystical and beyond any logic. I personally have seen some miracles and have heard about many more others. Famous miracle that Baba had lighted the earthen lamps using water instead of oil was narrated to me by a villager, who had witnessed incident. One of the persons, who refused to give oil for lamps that day, was Premchand Marwadi.

The plank, on which Baba used to sleep, was also a matter of miracle. That wooden plank was just 5-6 feet length and hardly 9-12 inches width. It was suspended 3 feet below the ceiling, with rags. It was beyond one’s imagination, how Baba used to climb on the plank how did He manage to alight from it. It was surprising, that the plank could stand the weight of a person who slept on it. Because the plank did not seem to be that strong. Many people had seen Him sleeping there; but nobody could actually see Him mounting the plank and coming down from it though they tried to find it out of curiosity.

Many people took him to be a Muslim. But he never offered ‘Namaz‘ (Prayer to Allah) even once. A staunch Muslim does it five times a day. He used to ask someone else to recite ‘Fateha‘ (Prayer at the burial of a dead body) if the occasion arose. He would rarely recite some part of ‘Quran’, the sacred book Islam. There was nothing He did not know. Whatever action He used to perform was meaningful. He tried to give His precept through His acts and His conversation.

A station master of Kopargaon, named Balebi, was a non-believer of Baba. He would comment, “Baba is a mere insane person. (Veda Pir’, as it is used in Marathi). Why do you people attach much importance to Him?” I somehow persuaded him to come to Shirdi took him for Baba’s darshan. When we reached Dwarkamai, Baba was washing some utensils. He was keeping them on the floor with their upsides down. Balebi asked Him the reason. He said, “When a person comes to me, he is in the similar inverse state. He is not ready to accept the things as they really are“. Balebi understood the hidden meaning of Baba’s words.

Now I would narrate about my job and the circumstances in which I left it. It was year 1898/99. A dacoit, Kana Bhilla, was aggressively active in Ahmednagar and Beed districts. Thefts and murders were his occupation. I was a constable at that time. With three other companions I was appointed to secretly watch him and inform the Department about his moves. But his spy-system was so very efficient, that he knew about us and he killed my three colleagues one by one. It gave the impression (to the department) that I was not sufficiently alert in my activities and such report was forwarded against me by my superior.

Those days I used to worship God Rama and perform Kirtans in the temple of Rama, in Loni-Varni town. Patil of that town was a friend of Kana Bhilla, the dacoit. Many times Bhilla would come to meet Patil. He collected all information about me, even my Buckle number 727, and the station at which I was posted. One day he came to kill me but I ran to Rama temple and prayed for protection. Bhilla followed me but he left me unharmed just warning me severely.

Though threatened, I did not neglect my duty and tried to keep track of Kana through the village children. I informed the Department regarding his whereabouts. Police encountered him and firing took place. But unluckily, some constables were killed and Kana Bhilla successfully fled away.

After that incident I took ill and a heart disease was detected. I produced a doctor’s certificate and was released from the duty of spying over Kana. Villagers of Loni-Varni provided refuge to him. Case was filed and heard by mamlatdar Rale. I stood in the box as a witness and testified in favour of the Patil. Because of my testimony he was acquitted. I was deported beyond the limits of my station. I then prayed with Godavari waters in my hand, “If Baba saves me from this humiliation then I will quit the job”.

By His grace I got the opportunity of going back to my station limits. I arrested a big gang looting and creating chaos. I took the captives to my station and was saved by Baba. To become a police officer was my ambition. I had already passed the necessary tests. But Baba said that I would not get the promotion. I was then transferred to another station. One had to pass by Shirdi for going there. I was going through Shirdi, but I did not go for Baba’s darshan. I knew, He would not like to see me still engaged in the service. So I used to avoid the masjid road. One day when I was on my way, bypassing Dwarkamai, suddenly I saw Baba standing in front of me. I dismounted from the horse and prostrated before Him with my head on His Lotus feet. He ordered me to come to masjid. I went there. Baba asked me, “Ganu, who had taken a vow with Godavari waters in hand?” Oh! Baba knew everything. I said, “Yes Baba; I am going to resign shortly“.

Wait; I know, you will not do that, while everything is going smoothly. And you will not follow My orders till you face another calamity“. After a few days of this conversation, I got into trouble without any fault of mine. Rs. 31/- was to be deposited in Govt. treasury. The amount was received at the station against the fine from a culprit. My assistant hushed up the matter without my knowledge, and did not deposit the money in the proper place. The culprit therefore, was not released from the jail, as the fine was pending. The inquiry began and I was suspended as I was accountable for whatever happened. There were indications that I would be convicted and punished by the court. With a sincere prayer I again took an oath of leaving the job if the court would declare me innocent. And thus I finally resigned the job in 1903 A. D.

Baba’s Testimony

A suit was under trial before the court of Tahesil Magistrate (Taluka Magistrate) in ‘Dhule‘ (a town in Maharashtra). The suit was filed for theft. The accused, when asked about the ornaments which were produced as exhibits before the Magistrate, testified that they were given to him by Sai Baba (actually the ornaments were stolen by him).

As the accused involved Baba in the case, the court ordered for Baba’s testimony. Accordingly Baba received a summons. Baba refused it and threw it in the fire (Dhuni). The bailiff reported that summons were delivered to Baba. But Baba did not go to Dhule. So Dhule court issued a warrant against Baba. Ganapat Ramaji, Chief Constable of Kopargaon, personally brought the warrant to Baba at Shirdi. He explained the contents of the warrant to Him. He requested Baba to come to Dhule alongwith him. But Baba was firm on His decision of not going. He started abusing and asked the constable to throw away the warrant. Ganapat Ramaji did not dare to arrest Baba. At the same time he could not dishonour the court order. He found himself in a tricky situation. I was there when it all happened. I told the constable that he must consult Nanasaheb Chandorkar, who was a Deputy Collector of Ahmednagar, and was a Baba devotee. Nanasaheb would give the correct guidance.

When consulted, Nanasaheb said, “It is quite obvious why Baba does not like to be a part of such a worldly affair. He is not an ordinary person. He is a superhuman, a divine soul. It is not proper to involve Him in such petty worldly matters. If His deposition is inevitable, it should be taken by appointing a special commissioner. Prepare an application requesting as I have told and collect the signatures of many people. Let the court know that He is worshipped as God and people will feel hurt if He is treated like this.” The above application was forwarded to and was granted by the court. Nana Joshi, a first class magistrate and an assistant collector came to Shirdi on commission for Baba’s testimony. Before he entered Dwarkamai, Baba arranged for some chairs and a table. A temporary court was formed. Thus He gave His full co-operation. His Divine Deposition was as follows:

Commissioner: What is Your good Name?

Baba: They (people) call me Sai Baba..

Commissioner: What is the name of Your Guru?

Baba: Venkusa (Vyankushah).

Commissioner: What is Your religion or denomination?

Baba: Kabir.

Commissioner: What is Your caste or race?

Baba: Allah or God-almighty (Parwardigar).

Commissioner: What is Your age, please? How old are You?

Baba: Lacs of years

Commissioner: Is it all true? Will You tell it on oath that whatever You are saying is all true?

Baba: True.

Commissioner: Do You know this person (the accused)?

Baba: Yes, I know him. I know everybody.

Commissioner: The accused says that he is Your devotee and You both were staying together. Is it true?

Baba: Yes, I stay with everybody. All belong to Me.

Commissioner: He said that You gave him the ornaments of precious stones. Did You give him?

Baba: Yes, I gave him. But how did those things come to you? Each object belongs to Me only.

Commissioner: Baba, he is an accused in a serious theft case. He says that the stolen precious ornaments are given by You.

Baba: What is all this, going on? How am I concerned with all this?

The commissioner, Nana Joshi, was astonished to hear the above answers from Baba. He got fatigued as Baba started answering affirmatively to all his further questions.

Then the remedy, to check the village register, was sought. The village register contained all the entries of the incoming and outgoing visitors and the period of their stay in Shirdi. The register helped to see whether the accused had come to Shirdi, before or after the theft occurred. The register was called for. It was found that the accused or any other person resembling him had not come to Shirdi, during that period. Baba never used to go out of Shirdi and people were aware of it.

So commissioner asked Baba for a final confirmation. “The accused was not staying with You in Shirdi and You did not give him any such precious ornaments; is that right?” Baba said, “Yes, that’s correct“. And there ended Baba’s divine testimony. He was neither asked to sign any paper nor was His thumb impression taken. The statement of His deposition was sent to Dhule court; the accused was convicted and punished. Bhakta Parayan Dasganu Maharaj’s narration comes to an end here. Dasganu, a Kirtankar, was a saintly person. Such noble personalities influence the weak minded humans and show them the road to bliss. The Lord helps such personalities, to make the world happier. In one of his verses Dasganu says (summary), “Lord Sai, let your eye of grace comfort all in the world. Protect each one and everyone. The world is ephemeral. Let me learn and understand this fact under your kind guidance. Because I am ‘blind’; in the sense, that I cannot see the things with an inner eye. So please oblige me with that perfect ‘sight’. I am ‘Your’ devotee. What else can I say? My power of speech is fading out, because my tongue is incapable of singing Your infinite glory.


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