Part 2 – Chapter 15 – Five Laddus – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

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Chapter 15Part 1Five Laddus
Part 2 - Chapter 15 - Five Laddus - ShirdiChe Sai Baba

Continued CHAPTER 15


Sakshatkari Yogi (a realized soul) becomes desireless, doubtless and fearless, according to Dr. Ranade and after he (Yogi) attains some unusual powers (Siddhis), he permanently enjoys the Bliss with all his intentions fulfilled. He has given the references from Chhandogya and Mandukopanishad. It is sure that the Realization has no definite proof. It is only a matter of Experience.

Swami Vivekanand has given a description of his experience of Sakshatkar in ‘Shri Ramakrishna Charitrain pages 376-380. The implied meaning of it is as follows:

“Just at the blink of my eyes, Ramakrishna touched my body with His toe. Exactly at that moment I went into a trance. It was a divine experience of Samadhi. My eyes were open. I could see that every object in the room, including myself, was in a whirl and was disappearing in the space. Everything was merging in some mystic, all enveloping, enigmatic, invisible world”.

“I was extremely terrified as if I was facing death. To lose the existence was nothing but a death. I could not stand the situation”. I shouted helplessly. “What is this that You are doing to me? My loving elders are waiting for me at home”.

“Hearing my shouts, Ramkrishna said laughingly, ‘This is enough for today. You will understand everything when the proper time comes”.

“The moment he uttered those words, the divine experience came to an end”. Swami Vivekanand went through the same state that Arjuna must have gone through, when Lord Krishna blessed him with Vishwarupa darshan. It was described in Bhagwad Gita. (10-45).

Bhishma searched ‘Shruti and Smruti’ for the knowledge of Atma. But it was fruitless. The only way left was satsang that is the company of noble personalities and Saints. But how and who would oblige? Bhishma knew a saying by saint Tukaram, “You cannot make haste and attain Realization.” You cannot achieve anything without the arrival of proper time. When Bhishma happened to meet Baba, he intended to get his doubts cleared. Baba used to give mysterious answers. He would say, “This oil miller is very cunning”. He says, “Do not eat oil; eat clarified butter (ghee)”.

After a few days Bhishma attained calmness. He understood the hidden meaning of the allegory used by Baba. “Mind is like oil. Being a liquid, there are ripples in it. So is the mind, which is never steady. Ghee is the clarified butter, which is in solid state. Relevantly it is free of ripples. It can be compared with Shanti, steadiness, tranquility. So yearn for peace”.

Early morning Bhishma and Balawantrao Khaparde were going for a walk. The atmosphere was foggy. The sun was rising on the horizon. He just glanced at the west horizon. He saw that he was completely enveloped by the sun rays of different colours. He saw his long shadow spread on the ground. It was encircled by rainbow coloured stripes in oval shape. He also saw the light emerging from the head portion of his shadow. The situation resembled to that which occurs at solar eclipse. The moon covers the part of the sun and brilliance appears to spread from the edge of the moon. Bhishma stood there spellbound to see that miracle. Just then Balavantrao turned back to ask him, Why are you standing like this? “And what about you? You are also standing as I am’, said Bhishma. They shared their experiences. To their surprise both had had the same experience. They came to know that they could not see each others shadow and the experience was restricted to the individual level. Bhishma remembered the lines ‘Mera main janoon’.

Then they returned home and narrated the whole incident to Dadasaheb Khaparde. He confidently said, “Baba has bestowed grace upon you. You have got the Atmaswarupa darshan.”

After that incident when both went for Baba’s darshan, He gave a meaningful smile. Both were then convinced that it was Baba’s grace which was showered upon them. By His mere Sankalpa (Divine Will), He fulfils all the wishes of His devotees. It is stated in Upanishads that AtmaSakshatkar can be described as the brilliance of light. That Brilliance, which can be compared with the total light of billions of suns. Why one would not get bliss and peace when he has that unique experience? (Interested readers can go through Mandukopanishad (2-3-9); Shwetashwatar (2-14-15) and Maitreyee (2-1-9). All these references will make the readers believe that the experience of Bhishma was absolutely true and was not at all imaginary or virtual.)

Samarth Ramdas has said, “In spirituality, there should be an uninterrupted tradition of guru and disciple. Both should qualify for their posts. Then only the disciple will know the Formation of Omkar’. Logical and analytical approach of the mundane world will not help in this matter. Only Grace of guru is necessary. (Refer: Das Bodha 6-10-11). The one, who reaches the state of Realization, knows it perfectly well that the Lord is in everybody, in every living and non-living object of the Universe. Saint Eknath describes, “Duality is completely finished. All gross and subtle, sun and moon, together with Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, I have ground in the mill. Knowledge and ignorance and finally the mill stones also were ground. Thus I reached the Adwaita.”

Because of Sai’s grace Bhishma reached that state, where he himself was the light, the God, the Ultimate.


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