Part 1 – Chapter 13 – Treasure Of Love – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

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Chapter 12 Part 2Guru Bhakti
Part 1 – Chapter 13 – Treasure Of Love – ShirdiChe Sai Baba



Our existence is actually entrusted to our Mother God. A child sitting in the lap of its mother is fully in her charge. It has no worry, no pain, nothing. In the similar way, Mother God is looking after each one of us with love and compassion. Even if we are in deep sleep or dreaming or awake, our Mother God keeps a compassionate and watchful eye on her children. But we are seldom aware of it. Unless we know and feel Her kind hand on our head, we will not experience the Divinity that is all pervasive.

To know and to experience the nearness of God, ‘Satsang’ (proximity of Saintly and God loving people) is necessary. Satsang replaces darkness with light, callousness with endearment and one’s barren life becomes pleasant and full of love. Dicta of Saints are the real foundations and pillars of our lives. Every Jiva has a close relation with its Creator. The affection that exists between the two is well expressed in the literature by all the Saints. Saint Nilobarai says, “Rahave Na Ata Tujyavina“, in Marathi (Addressing to God he says, It is impossible to stay away from You, Oh God). Reading the maxims from the writings of the Saints, we feel that they are embracing their Mother God with their words.

Every Jiva worships the Lord according to his own liking and wish. Nobody thinks about what the Lord wishes. What else would He demand from His creation? He only wants love, love and unconditional, selfless love. What does Sai Baba want? (He has left the body. But He is still there, everywhere). He wants love, affection and warmth of devotion. We lack all these qualities. Can a child serve its mother? No; mother only serves the child. What else can a child do except repeating ‘Aai, Aai?‘ Thus, Jiva has to repeat ‘Sai, Sai‘. Jiva can repeat the Name by singing the devotional songs (Bhajans).

Kakasaheb Dixit, a close devotee of Baba, had understood the above fact fully. He whole-heartedly surrendered everything, even his existence, at the Lotus feet of Sai Baba. Then Sai Mother bore all his burdens on His shoulders. God can do anything for His true devotees. God may pardon His devotee even if he abuses Him. But God will not tolerate a single bad word uttered against His devotee. This world is ephemeral, heading towards death. It is full of pain and perturbation. To pine for worldly pleasures, is all in vain. Kaka Dixit had comprehended this truth. He started going to Shirdi and remained in the vicinity of his God Sai Baba. Baba too would insist on him to prolong his stay.

When in Shirdi, Kaka had a disciplined daily routine starting with Kakad Aarti at dawn. He used to take early morning bath. Then he would worship Baba’s photo at his Wada, and meditate sitting in front of His photo. After that he used to carry his cup of morning tea to Dwarkamai. Thus, going and having tea in Dwarkamai in the morning was his daily practice. Then he would look after the management of the new visitors coming to Shirdi. In this way he used to spend all his time in Sai’s work and under Sai’s guidance.

Kaka Dixit’s business colleagues and friends did not approve of his staying away from Mumbai and neglecting his profession as a solicitor. They blamed Kaka for going after an ordinary Fakir and being impractical in daily affairs. They thought that a learned person like Kakasaheb is suffering a great loss because of a trivial Fakir. Kakasaheb remained unaffected from the calumny of these people, who called themselves his friends well-wishers. He did not deviate from his steadfast devotion for Baba. But Baba was hurt when he heard about this slander of Kaka. Sai God wanted devotee to get rid of any such blame. Worldly love is never selfless but Baba’s Divine Love for Kaka was beyond such limits. Kaka was rebuked and the wounds of slander inflicted on Kaka were borne Baba. He was worried as to how the blot on Kaka could be washed off. To save His devotee, God had to show His Leela.

Once when in Shirdi, Kakasaheb fell ill with fever and severe headache. He was at his house, in Wada. He was too weak to stand. Chapped skin and dry throat added to his agony. For days together he was down with a high fever. He requested Madhavrao to go and inform Baba about his illness. Madhavrao immediately went to Dwarkamai and told Baba, “Deva, Kaka’s condition is very bad. Please give some medicine for him”.

Baba questioned him, “Do you think I am a charlatan or a vaidya? How can I give medicine? Ask Kaka to go to his house in Mumbai”.

Madhavrao said in a tone of helplessness, “Deva, he is totally dependent on You. He believes he could be cured only by You. How could You ask him to go to Ville Parle in such a weak condition? You are simply incredible.”

No one could argue over Baba’s statements. Even Madhavrao (His Shamya) had no words to plead for Kaka. Madhavrao went backwith sluggish steps. ‘What can I say to Kaka, who is eagerly waiting for Baba’s message and medicine?” He was worried. Seeing Madhavrao, Kaka asked, “Baba have given Udi for me, hasn’t He?”

Oh, Kaka“, Madhavrao said in a low nervous tone, “Don’t you know our Sai plays with us? He had not given any Udi or any medicine. Instead, He has asked you to go to Parle.”

When Kaka heard this, he was disappointed. But he did not want to contradict Baba’s command. He prepared for the journey. With the help of Madhavrao he came to Dwarkamai for Baba’s darshan. Baba consoled him saying, “Kaka, illness is temporary. It will go, as it came one day. Now it is better for you to go home. Everyday you eat Rawa-Halwa with pure ghee, almonds and pistachio. Remember do not get disheartened and lie down. Think positive. Shamya will accompany you to your home. Take this Udi and go”.

Kaka was a little relaxed for two reasons. Firstly Baba had given him Udi and secondly Madhavrao was going with him. He thought Baba was with him in Madhavrao’s disguise. He was sure, whatever things his Sai Baba would arrange, it will be for his own welfare. He thought, ‘He has asked me to go home only for my benefit. There must be a valid reason and good intention behind it.’

On the way, Kakasaheb and Madhavrao were all the time discussing about Baba and only Baba. They reached Parle at about midnight. In those days the railway station was very small with feebly glimmering oil lamps. There was no electricity. The Station master was Kaka’s acquaintance. When he saw that Kaka was unwell, he asked a porter to escort Kaka to his home.

It was a dark night of rainy season. The road from station to Kaka’s bungalow was in a horrible condition. It was bumpy and full of pot holes. One had to walk very carefully and with a full concentration on the road. Little deviation here and there was sure to make you fall. Dasganu Maharaj had often given an example of this road as a simile for “Path of Sadhana”. If one loses the steadfast concentration on God, he is sure to decline. He used to say during his Kirtans.

Little after midnight, Kaka and Madhavrao reached his home. His wife was surprised to see him as he had gone to Shirdi with a plan to stay longer. But when she saw his face she could make out that he was suffering. She touched his forehead and knew that he had a high fever. She was scared. “Did Baba allow you to travel and come home? Or, have you disobeyed Him?” She instantly asked.

“Baba Himself has asked me to go home. He has also asked me to eat ‘Shira’ with almonds and pistas”. Kaka answered. Because of the exertion of the journey there was a rise in temperature. Kakasaheb was restless throughout the night.

Kakasaheb’s wife had a tremendous faith in Baba. From next day she fed Kaka as per Baba’s instructions. Dr. Dimonty, M.D., staying at Bandra, Mumbai, was a close childhood friend of Kakasaheb. Mrs. Dixit thought that it was better to call him and get the patient examined. Next morning she informed him about her husband’s illness. He immediately came to Parle to examine Kaka. After a thorough examination, the Doctor told Dixitvahini (Mrs. Dixit), that it was not an ordinary fever and proper care should be taken. Patient was advised to take complete rest.

Doctor’s advice was diametrically opposite to what Baba had said, Kakasaheb had such a staunch faith in Baba that he did not take the medicine sent by Dr. Dimonty. He just remained seated in the bed and avoided lying down. When the Doctor again dropped in for a visit, Kakasaheb’s condition was serious. He became very worried. When he heard from Vahini, her husband had not taken the medicine. He had rawa-halwa and had not taken the advised rest. Doctor revealed to Vahini that Kakasaheb had a severe Pneumonia and such carelessness might lead to some unwanted consequences.

Dr. Dimonty was Kaka’s best friend and a competent doctor too. But in Kaka’s point of view Baba was the most trustworthy doctor. He had determined to follow the ‘Doctor of doctors’. He said, “Let whatever happen to me my Guru’s words will never be proved untrue. He has sent me to Parle. There must be some good intention behind it He has also said that illness would go. He has advised me to eat rawa-halwa and not to lie down. There is a hidden meaning in His words”.

Kaka neither observed dietary regimen advised by Dr. Dimonty, nor did he lie down or sit quiet. He refused to take medicines also. Two more days passed. Kakasaheb’s condition worsened. His wife told the doctor that Kaka had eaten ‘shira’ and he wandered inside the bungalow, instead of taking rest. On hearing this the doctor himself missed his heart-beat. He got very anxious. Kaka became more and more weak.

News of his illness and his serious condition spread among his friends. Annasaheb Dabholkar, Nanasaheb Chandorkar, Bhausaheb Dhumal, Prof. Narke, Dadasaheb Khaparde, Bhishma and all others came to see Kakasaheb. Dr. Dimonty became more worried as his patient was not getting any rest and all his behaviour was absolutely lethal.

Dr. Dimonty consulted one of his friends and tried to convince Kaka through him. Kaka’s friends requested him not to be adamant and take the prescribed medicines. But Kaka was firm in his conviction. He was not ready to do anything against Baba’s words. Dr. Dimonty sadly declared that Kaka was not going to survive more than one or two days.

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