Part 2 – Chapter 3 – Shama – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

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Chapter 1Part 1Our Anna
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Chapter 2Part 2Arrival Of Sai Baba In Shirdi
Chapter 3Part 1Shama
Part 2 – Chapter 3 – Shama – ShirdiChe Sai Baba

Chapter 3


In the cool moonlight of love, Bhagwan Sai, Who Himself was like a fullmoon, was illuminating Dwarkamai and all the devotees were enjoying the Darshan-Sukh (Happiness out of darshan). Everybody’s eyes were contented and they had no other desire of seeing anything else, once they had seen Baba.

But what about Madhavrao? His eyes were deprived temporarily from that Darshan-Sukh. What was wrong? Madhavrao had an eye-infection. Swollen eyes with an unbearable pain. He tried all possible medicines available then, but without any effect. The pain persisted. God Sai was his friend but still he had to suffer. This pain became more unbearable. In the end he went to Baba and said with disgust, “Deva, no one else is as vicious and callous as You are! You are God; You give medicines to others and relieve them from suffering and pain. And here I am! Can’t You see my swollen eyes? Or can’t You hear me screaming with severe pain? Have You gone deaf or become blind? Oh Deva, why should I call You God, when You are not listening to the prayer of Your devotee? Now look, if my eyes do not become normal by tomorrow morning, then I will expel You from this Dwarkamai. If I fail to do so tomorrow, I will not call myself as ‘Shama’.

Baba listened to him quietly and then said “Shamya, do not babble. Stop talking nonsensically. Take seven grains of pepper (Miri). Make a smooth paste of it by rubbing on a smooth stone (Sahan) and put it in your eyes. Then see! Your eyes will become crystal clear. Come on, take this Udi and go, go!” Madhavrao got more annoyed. He exclaimed, “Wow! How wise You are! Who taught You this medical science, oh Deva? You are asking me to put pepper in my already sick eyes. Do you want me to lose my eyesight? I haven’t seen such a vaidya (doctor) in my life“.

Baba calmly said, “Try that remedy first, and if your eyes don’t get well then you are free to be angr with Me, Okay? Now go!” Even if Madhavrao was exercising his privilege and taking a little extra freedom to use such a harsh language, he had full faith in his God, Baba. He tried the same medicine that Baba had prescribed. To his amazement, his eyes were completely all right and showed no sign of any infection, the very next day! Madhavrao was very happy.

Happily immersed in bliss and living in love and devotion are the speci features of a devotee. Those who believe in God have a river of love flowin in their heart. Devotees constantly remain plunged in love, love and love alone. Single minded and unwavering devotion, unflinching faith, intense Sadhana and constant yearning are the progressing steps on the path of Realization Arjuna also had blamed Krishna for his gabbling. He asked, “Krishna, if vaidya (Physician) is prescribing dietary regimen and in contrast, he is mixing poison in the medicine, then how a patient would survive?” (Refer Dnyaneshwari 3-8) Then ShriKrishna says, “You call yourself a wise man but keep on adhering to ignorance; and if I try to teach you something. you are telling Me the stories of morality”. Madhavrao Baba relation was exactly the same as that Arjuna had with Krishna.

Sai Baba’s fame was showing an ascending graph day-by-day! Vaikunth Niwasi Bhagwan had descended for His devotees. There was a continuous inflow of devotees coming to Shirdi. Many of them were ‘Aarthis’ and “Artharthis’ (coming with some desire in mind and to get it fulfilled and to be saved from some calamities). Some came to solve their worldly problems. One wealthy woman had come from Aurangabad. She had no issue. She first met Madhavrao and told her problem. Madhavrao felt sorry for her. He told her to take a coconut and come to Dwarkamai. He followed her. He saw, Baba was in a good mood. So he put the coconut in Baba’s hand and asked the woman to surrender at Baba’s feet. She did so. Shama said to Baba, “Deva, put this coconut in her lap and bless her to have a son“.

Baba said, “No Shamya! I won’t do that! Coconut cannot give a son. Right?” God and devotee playfully get angry with each other. Baba and Shamya were no exceptions to it. They actually enjoyed arguing, pretending to be angry, and drawing happiness out of those moments. Ultimately Madhavrao took the coconut from Baba’s hand. He put it in the woman’s lap and made Him say “Allah will bless you with a son“. Again Madhavrao instructed Baba to say, “Say, the blessing will come true within a year!

Baba had no choice but to agree. He said “Oh, Shamya, it will happen as you say“. Madhavrao warned Baba fearlessly, “See Deva, if she doesn’t get a son in a year, I will hit You on the head with the same coconut. Mind well.” Instead of showing any sort of resentment Baba calmly and smilingly said, “Go, go, Shamya! Certainly it will be so“. And really that woman had a son within a year. She immediately came running to Shirdi and put her son at the Lotus feet of Baba.

Shama was a special devotee for Baba, was proved once again. However angrily or disrespectfully he talked, Baba never took it seriously. He always ignored his abuses or humiliation. On the contrary He used to comfort him. He never let down Shamya’s word. Sai mother was always understanding and kind to him as a mother to a son.

When mid day Aarti (waving of lights) would be finished, Madhavrao used to give an order to Baba, “Deva, come on! Now sit in Your usual place. Whatever Naivedyam has been given by the devotees, is to be mixed. Come and do it. Then distribute this Kala (mixed food) among all those who are present here“. Without any grumbling Baba would follow Madhavrao’s instructions. He would get up and sit near the Neem Tree and would do everything as told by His Shamya. Arjuna also used to talk to his God Krishna in the same rude manner. Krishna without getting angry would comfort Arjuna as Baba did to Madhavrao.

In the evening hours, devotees were not allowed to visit Dwarkamai. Of course, few were exceptions to this rule, made by Baba Himself. Shama had no restriction at all. He could come and go whenever he liked. One day Tatyasaheb Nulkar was counting his last few breaths. He expressed his wish for a sip of holy water (Tirth) of Baba’s Lotus feet, before his death. It was an hour or two passed midnight. Madhavrao came to Dwarkamai with a glass of water. Listening to the footsteps, Baba got up and shouted, “Who is that?

This is Shamya“, he answered. “Why have you come here at these odd hour?” Baba was furious. But Shama had to get what he came for. He said, “Tatyasaheb is dying and he wants holy water of Your Lotus feet. It is his last wish. You have to give ‘Tirth’“.

Baba stood on the otta abusing Madhavrao. Still he courageously went ahead. Baba, as if roaring like Narasimha, had kept his right foot in a proper position so that Mahdavrao could himself dip Baba’s toe in the glass of water, which he was carrying. In that way the last sacred wish of Tatyasaheb was fulfilled. An infant can anytime cry for a feeding by its mother. It has no restriction of time, place or anything else. Madhavrao also had no restraints to go to Baba. He could anytime go to Baba and talk on any subject and ask any question.

Once Baba and Madhavrao were talking very intimately. Baba was in an extremely happy mood. Madhavrao asked, “Deva, is it true that there exists a Brahma loka, Vishnu loka and Shiva loka?” Baba said. “Yes, truly, such lokas are there.” Madhavrao eagerly asked, “Then why don’t you show those to us?

Baba told him, “As the worldly affluence is contemptible and worthless so is the grandeur of God. It also is not desirable. We should not yearn for it“. “That is okay! But what’s wrong in seeing it? Just ‘show’ it to me“. Baba asked him to close his eyes and then to open. Madhavrao did so, and he was astonished to see the unbelievable sight. He saw a very big assembly where a throne, studded with different precious stones and gems, was kept and a magnificent figure was seated on it.

Baba said, “Shamya, this is the Satya-loka and the divine figure is Brahmadeva. Now again close your eyes and then open“. Second time Baba showed him Vaikuntha-loka where Lord Vishnu was seen on a similar grand throne. For the Third time Madhavrao saw Kailash loka of Shankar who was sitting on the throne and a large assembly was there before Him. This whole experience was extremely thrilling for Madhavrao. It was a exceptional grace showered by Baba on his dear devotee. In Mahabharat we read that Arjuna was given a special divine sight to observe the Virat-rup (Vishwa-rupa) of Krishna. Above instance was not very different than the one described in Mahabharat. This again shows that Madhavrao was a devotee in its real sense.

Once Baba and Madhavrao were in Dwarkamai and Baba sitting on a mattress (Aasan). Madhavrao saw Him taking out all the money from His pocket am keeping it under the mattress. At the same time a person came to Baba and asked for some money. Baba said, “I don’t have any money“. With this negative answer, that person turned back and left. Madhavrao was watching this drama. He asked Baba with a surprise, “What is this? You teach us always to speak the truth. And how is it, that You are telling lies?

Baba explained, “When you don’t want to give money, you have to speak like this, Shamya! Who says it is a lie? It is not. Not to hurt that person was my intention“. The Lord who had given His love and grace to Arjuna and Uddhava, was then doing favour (Anugraha) on Madhavrao. Only the manner was different. Once came a Ramdasi in Dwarkamai and joined the congregation there. He was reading some sacred book. All of a sudden Baba started complaining of a severe stomachache. Madhavrao was somewhere nearby. He asked worriedly, “Deva, what happened? Why are you moaning?

Baba somehow answered and told Ramdasi “I have unbearable pain in stomach. Go and bring some Sonamukhi (a herbal purgative) from the market. Eating that I will feel a little better“.

Ramdasi obeyed Baba and went to the market. As soon as he left, Baba got up and went to the place where Ramdasi was sitting. He took out ‘Vishnu-Sahastra-Namavali‘ from Ramdasi’s luggage very swiftly and gave it to Madhavrao. “Shamya take this book. Keep it with you“. Madhav got annoyed. He said, “Deva, I don’t want this! You pretended stomachache to send that Ramdasi out of here, only for stealing this book. I will not keep it. Where did you take this training of telling lies and stealing others belongings?

Baba said, “Shamya, this is not a theft and I do not speak lies” (While Gokul naughty Krishna used to playfully create squabbles between Gope and Gopis. In the same way Baba was acting in a drama created by Himself) Madhavrao then respectfully addressed Baba, “Deva, You are God, very great God. How can we, the common people, blame You even if You speak lies or steal something? Whatever You are doing must be having some reason behind it. We are ignorant folks. Sometimes You bluff us and at other times You talk very sweetly. You swear by us sometimes, and we believe in all that You say. At times You talk angrily, still we tolerate everything. How mysterious is Your behaviour.”

Just then, that Ramdasi entered. He saw his sacred book in the hands of Madhavrao. He furiously shouted at Madhavrao and called him a robber. Stopping him Baba said sarcastically. “Oh Ramdasya, you call yourself a “Ramdasi”, wear an orange robe and pretend to be a Sadhaka (an aspirant) or a devotee. But see, you have not conquered, even slightly, your anger. At least respect this orange cloth! You should be ashamed of talking to anybody in such a nasty language”.

Turning to Madhavrao Baba comfortingly said, “Shamya, don’t feel offended at all for a blame from such an unworthy fellow. Take this Udi and go.” Madhavrao then understood the purpose of taking out the Pothi of Ramdasi and putting it into his hand. He wanted to expose Ramdasi and to show that he was at a primitive stage on the spiritual path! Madhavrao then relaxed and was convinced about Baba’s Leela.

Madhavrao used to work for Baba as if he were a personal assistant. He used to receive His mail or money orders everyday. Madhavrao used to read the letters from devotees to Baba. One day there was a money order of two rupees. It was for Baba; but that day Madhavrao became a victim of greed. Instead of giving that money to Baba, he buried those coins under the wall near the outside entrance door of Dwarkamai. He thought, Baba would not know about it. Many days passed over. One night Madhavrao’s house was robbed and he lost nearly two hundred fifty rupees. (In those days, it was a substantial amount) Madhavrao was very sad and felt miserable. He rolled over in distress. He tried to investigate but to no avail. At last he came to Baba and told Him about his grievance. “Baba, I am basically poor. Now all my savings have gone. Do You think, it is fair? Whom should I go to for help, except You? Baba listened to his grumbling calmly. Then He asked, “Shamya, You have been robbed, I know. That’s why you have come to Me to complain. But My two rupees also were stolen some days back. Now tell Me, whom should I tell about My grievance?” Madhavrao understood what Baba was referring to. He asked, “Then, it is sure that the theft of my money was according to Your will! For only two rupees of Yours, I have lost multiple amount of it! Is it a fair justice? Baba said, “As 250 rupees are valuable to you, two rupees are equally important for a fakir like Me!” Madhavrao just kept quiet over this.

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