Chapter 8 (Part 2) – Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee

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With this post we come to the end of the divine book “Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee” written by an ardent and staunch devotee Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta ji from New Delhi.

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3. Nine ‘Mantras’ for Joyous Living

1. Learn to live in God, for it shall provide you a support to ascribe your joys and sorrows to in life, and a source of strength.

2. Learn to live for others for the joy it provides to your soul will make your own life worth living.

3. Live a simple, natural, guileless, unpretentious and unostentatious life for it will help you to keep your needs under control and thus occasions to make you feel the need to give up your path to enable you to keep pace with the world, shall minimize.

4. Learn to withdraw yourself occasionally inward, for your shall then be able to control the wastage of your own energies, make a correct assessment of your own self, control your emotions and mind and not allow them to stray.

5. Accept responsibility gladly and try to discharge it to your capacity, for the sense of satisfaction it shall provide you will give you ‘Atmic Anand’.

6. Trace out the beauty in each soul, you come into contact with, appreciate it for it shall make your own life happy, easy and smooth at every step.

7. Learn to ignore the faults of others and speaking ill of them, for it takes you nowhere. Thoughts have wings. Bad thoughts react, making you and the other person, both unhappy.

8. recognize truth, adopt it, live in it, spread it, for the fragrance emanating from your body will then make the inner in you and the outside of you cool, calm, peaceful and joyful.

9. Learn to share your joys with others, for they are no other than your ownself. It will add to the sublimity of your own life and make your living joyous.

4. Devotional Couplets

  • To the one whose name is Sai
    And whose abode is Shirdi
    To such an all pervading Sai
    I offer my salutations again and again.
  • The one in whose heart dwells Sai
    And whose body is engaged in His service
    To such a great devotee
    I offer my salutations again and again.
  • Many claim to be Sai’s form
    But Sai is one and one alone
    To my Master Sai Nath
    I bow my head in revereance
  • I pray to my Baba Sai
    To give me the boon of Bhakti
    To bestow on me the purity of heart and mind
    And lift me up to His bosom
  • Indulge not in hard penances needlessly
    Causing discomfort to your body
    Having complete faith in Baba
    Cross the ocean of life.
  • While living in this world
    Ask not from Sai wealth, progeny and position
    Ask from Him only that supreme wealth
    Which Sai wishes to bestow on you.
  • O’ my mind grieve not unnecessarily
    Giving up all hopes and aspirations
    When Sai is with you
    Why frustrations should affect you.
  • The body shall perish tomorrow
    Know it as an eternal truth
    Do not feel proud of it
    Surrender yourself to Sai
  • When you came into this world
    You came empty handed
    When you leave this world
    Take Sai’s ‘Kripa’ with you.
  • It is Baba’s promise to you
    Have complete faith in it
    “One who gets lost in Me
    All his difficiulties end”
  • Sai you are my master
    I am Your ‘Das’
    Life after life I may remain Your ‘Das’
    It is my request to You

Thus says ‘Das Suresh’, O Baba! Confer on me this boon. From every pore of my body should emnate your name. wherever I move in this wide world, with your name on the lips, the fragrance of your Bhakti should engulf the whole atmosphere.

Whosoever inhales that fragrance, should start chanting your name. that Sai is a great Saint, should start flowing incessantly from His being.

Sai! You are unique indeed, since you make the dumb to speak, I am a mere fool who is not aware of your infinite powers.

Taking me as an ignorant child provide me ‘Sharan’ at your lotus feet. Life after life I may remain your ‘Das’, is my request to you.

‘Satchitanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai’

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  1. Total Surrender to Saibaba.

    All human beings are the beautiful flowers raised in the garden of God. He is their Protector. Baba used to tell that He incarnated on the Earth to promote our material and spiritual well-being. Hence, whatever actions or duties we perform, they should be offered to Baba in word, spirit and deed. This is known as complete surrender. Every minute we need to meditate on Baba in our heart. If we could put into practice Baba's words, He would definitely make a place for us in His heart. We have to believe in Baba as our everything and live in His Light.On one occasion, a Swami from Alandi approached Baba with a severe ear-ache and sought His blessings. In spite of undergoing an operation, he found no relief. Baba blessed him assuring, "Allah Achha karega", that 'God would cure him'. Keeping faith in Baba's words, he returned to Pune and within a week the pain miraculously cured. It is all due to his complete surrender and faith that his ear -ache vanished by the Grace of Baba. Whatever work we do, we should think of Baba and feel that it is Baba who works through us. There should be no feeling of "I" or "mine", except a conscious feeling that it is done as per His Will. Then, there is no possibility of making a mistake. Moreover, the ego sense that, "I am doing" would get erased. We have to seek His protection by our total surrender to Him.


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