Chapter 8 (Part 1) – Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee

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Now only one chapter (two parts) of the divine book “Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee” written by an ardent and staunch devotee Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta ji from New Delhi are left.

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Chapter No. Part Title
Introduction NA Introduction & Preface
Chapter 1 Part 1 Sai Baba – The Saint of Shirdi
Chapter 1 Part 2 Sai Baba – The Saint of Shirdi
Chapter 2 NA Understanding Shirdi Sai In Baba’s Own Words
Chapter 3 Part 1 Building Up Of Lodi Road Temple, New Delhi
Chapter 3 Part 2 Urge to Know Baba
Chapter 3 Part 3 First Visit to Shirdi
Chapter 3 Part 4 Meeting with Sri Satya Sai Baba
Chapter 3 Part 5 Paramhamsa Omkara Swamy
Chapter 3 Part 6 Functioning of Delhi Sri Sai Samaj
Chapter 3 Part 7 Building of Lodi Road Temple in New Delhi
Chapter 3 Part 8 Commencement Of Puja At The Temple
Chapter 4 Part 1 Stray Thought! On Bhakti
Chapter 4 Part 2 Stray Thought – On Gurus and the Path of Baba
Chapter 4 Part 3 Stray Thought – On Building Temples
Chapter 4 Part 4 Stray Thought! On Bhakti
Chapter 4 Part 5 Stray Thought on Receiving Messages from Baba
Chapter 4 Part 6 Stray Thought on Foretelling Events
Chapter 4 Part 7 Stray Thought on Literature on Shirdi Sai Baba
Chapter 4 Part 8 Stray Thought on Circulation of letters and other such activities
Chapter 5 Part 1 Offerings at the Lotus Feet of Shri Sai Nath
Chapter 5 Part 2 Offerings at the Lotus Feet of Shri Sai Nath
Chapter 5 Part 3 Offerings at the Lotus Feet of Shri Sai Nath
Chapter 5 Part 4 Offerings at the Lotus Feet of Shri Sai Nath
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Chapter 6 Part 1 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
Chapter 6 Part 2 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
Chapter 6 Part 3 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
Chapter 6 Part 4 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
Chapter 6 Part 5 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
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Chapter 6 Part 7 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
Chapter 6 Part 8 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
Chapter 7 Part 1 I Sing For You Alone O’ Sai
Chapter 7 Part 2 The Truth of Life
Chapter 7 Part 3 What A Fallacy It Is?
Chapter 7 Part 4 Loneliness
Chapter 7 Part 5 Your Glory O’ Baba
Chapter 7 Part 6 No Trace of ‘I’
Chapter 7 Part 7 The Ultimate Reality
Chapter 7 Part 8 Come Baba Come
Chapter 7 Part 9 Sai’s Ankita Child
Chapter 7 Part 10 The Burden of Your Grace
Chapter 7 Part 11 Fill My Jholi With Love
Chapter 7 Part 12 I And You are One
Chapter 7 Part 13 The Song I Sing
Chapter 7 Part 14 The Song I Sing
Chapter 7 Part 15 The Companion of My Solitude
Chapter 7 Part 16 Sai You are Naughty Indeed

1. To Baba

O’ My Baba! The Purest of the Pure, the Knower of the Absolute Truth, the ‘Tatwa Gyani’. You have in your magnanimity, mercy and compassion accepted me, an absolutely ignorant child, the receptical of your Grace.

Neither have I the purity of heart, nor of thought and action, nor humility and meekness, nor unflinching faith, nor patience, nor sense of exaltation for your inconceivable greatness, nor abounding love, nor burning desire to listen to the stories of your leelas, nor have I been able to surrender to you heart and soul, nor acquire discrimination and understanding of your ‘Sat-Chit-Anand Swaroopa’, nor have I been able to still my thoughts and ‘vasnas’; nor do I have a burning desire for ‘Moksha’, nore have I so far been able to control my ‘Indrias’.

I am full of ego, no virtues do I have, nore renownced ‘Maya’ and ‘Moh’, nor have I imbibed the virtues of love, compassion and truth.

Neither have I sought the company of saints and seers and received their grace, nor have I studied the scriptures and known the hidden truths contained therein.

I have wasted my life in acquiring and enjoying comforts and worldly pleasures.

You O’ my Baba – Mercy Incarnate, the Messiah of the Fallen and Forlorn, life me up and make me to swim ashore the ocean of ‘Samsar’.

I prostrate again and again at your lotus feet and implore you to bestow on me your perfect devotion in thought, word and deed, since I am your child.

2. Intoxication of Bhakti

Intoxication is bad but to forget ones own self, after getting intoxicated, is still worse. There is, however, one type of intoxication on experiencing which all pleasures of the world, all its materialistic achievements, all its joys and sorrows, lose their luster and seem lifeless. This intoxication is the intoxication of bhakti. Blessed are the people who have experienced the taste of this intoxication. At that level, the difference between the devotee and the God ceases to exist. Every moment of the devotee’s life is spent in his completely getting lost in his Lord. No pleasure or pain of the world can bring him down from this high pedestal. The devotee continuously and at all times and in all situations keeps on experiencing a limitless divine bliss. His eyes continuously keep on shedding tears of abounding love. While eating and drinking, sitting and standing, sleeping or in waking state – in all situations, he keeps on experiencing the grace of his God and the vibrations of abounding love arising from his heart. Every pore of his body emits the fragrance of bhakti. The atmic anand which he experiences is supreme. In dreams he is taken to visit mountains, jungles and rivers of which it is not known as to where these exist. In this state of his mind, no power on earth can make him afraid of anything. He stands before a tiger, like a child, fearless and before his inner power, the tiger experiencing his love, starts licking his feet.

Wickedness, deceitfulness, desperation, differentiation and the like tendencies cannot dare to reach near about him. And in that state of elevation of soul, his tongue starts singing the vibrant feelings lying dormant within him for his deity. He starts dancing, weeping, laughing and he gets an entrance into the galaxy of sages and saints like Mira, Dhurav, Ram Dass, Kabir, who having left a mark on the horizon of time, got lost in the Infinite but who are remembered with veneration even today and who shall continue to be so remembered in future.

Such a devotee also earns the extreme affection of his deity and he gets His protection at every step. The cup full of poison sent by Ranaji to Meera had also turned into elixir and when Harnyakashyap tied Prahalad to a pole and an infuriated elephant was left to crample him that elephant kept on staring at Prahalad rather than doing him any harm. All this sounds strange but these are the true examples of God’s Grace.

Come on! Let us also surrender ourselves at the lotus feet of our Sai. He shall have to bestow on us His Kripa some day and then we shall be able to experience eternal bliss. Within us lies buried a whole treasure of infinite bliss. We only need to develop a feeling to live in it continuously.

Continued…Chapter 8 Part 2

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  1. Perfect God of imperfect devotees Baba bless us with the bhakti which brings us closer to you and let us experience intoxication of bhakti

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