Chapter 6 (Part 3) – Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee

This is third part of chapter 6 of the divine book “Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee” written by an ardent and staunch devotee Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta ji from New Delhi.

Devotee readers who have missed earlier chapters can read from the links below. Devotee readers who have missed earlier chapters can read from the links below.

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Chapter 5 Part 5 Offerings at the Lotus Feet of Shri Sai Nath
Chapter 6 Part 1 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti
Chapter 6 Part 2 Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti

Beads from the necklace of Sai Bhakti

25. I am not only a ‘Das’ of Sai, I am also a ‘das’ of His bhaktas who have taken to Him heart and soul and learned to live in Him and experience His Grace.

26. My basic approach to life all through has been child – like. But I have been forced to put on the mask of a grown up adult in order to be able to live in this world. Today, when I have reached almost the dead end of my journey, I do see clearly that I took to Baba like a child, I have lived in Baba child like and might soon merge in Him as the darkness merges into light. As a child is possessive of its mother, so am I possessive of my Baba. I can brook no nonsense in His name. And looking back, it seems that all my miseries on the path of Baba, all my faults and appreciations have been caused by no one else except my own self and my possessiveness of my Master. I often wonder why should He have kept me a mere child – a toddler on the path, who shall probably never be able to stand on its own legs. And would I like to do so for the remaining period of my life? Never, never, not at all. It is a great bliss; it is a great joy and a great virtue, Baba has bestowed on me. Would I like to give it up? What a pleasure it is to be child-like. May be it has not made me to get so called success in satisfaction, the enobbling thoughts, this soul experiences, may be for a few moments, is all a splendid gift of Baba. Should i like to barter it with worldly name, fame, status and appreciation. No, No, No. O’ my Baba! Let your hand of grace ever remain on the head of your child! May be your child is unworthy of this Grace. So what? Aren’t you its Mother, Father and its All?

27. Even in dream, do not allow the thought to enter your mind that you can make the life of someone, do good to him. If you have been able to be of service to someone, and have helped him in some other way, have a definite feeling in your heart that by providing you that opportunity, that person has done you a favour. When you are incapable of doing good even to yourself, how on earth could you do good to him? It is Sai Who has done him good and by providing you an opportunity to be a partner in this deed, Baba and that person have both done you a favour.

28. If we have chosen the path of Sai Bhakti, we shall have to develop the habit of looking within ourselves constantly, to keep on analyzing whether the thought arising within our mind is ‘Satvik’, ‘Rajsik’ or ‘Tamsic’? Gradually and gradually, as within our mind the arising of Satvik thoughts increases, our path of reaching our Baba will become easier.

29. Sai is a deep ocean in which even if one keeps on diving thousands of times may not be able to pick up the real gems lying on its bed. Many a time mistaking the pebbles found in the endeavor as gems, one gets lost in their glitter. But if one attempts to understand the real Sai with all love and humility, total dedication and absolute surrender-devoid of even an iota of ego, one might reach near about his goal and pick up a few sparkling gems from the treasury of Baba but at that stage, one may become totally dumb and give up the attempt to know Him, what to talk of describing Him.

30. O’ you the self in me! Give up your ego and surrender to him like a child. Mother Sai will come in person and lift you up to its bosom.

31. Sai! The better part of my life lived on this earth, in an attempt to know you, has taken me nowhere. What to talk of knowing you, I do not seem even to have near about you. Let that be so, if it be your will! I have surely acquired the confidence with your Grace alone, to keep on striving to a hieve my goal, even if it means taking birth after birth. I do, however, beseech you to keep on shedding your grace on me, every time I take rebirth.

32. Baba! When iron comes into contact with ‘Paras’ (Touch Stone) it is transformed into gold. I have been in contact with you, the creator of ‘Paras’ stone, for over four and a half decades. How can it be that you haven’t transformed me into something worthwhile? but my Baba! there are certain secrets, which it is better if allowed to remain secret. I implore you, my Baba! to let me remain a mere bhakta of yours.

33. The pious thoughts that are emanating in our mind, where is the source of these? Is their source somewhere other than that of impure thoughts? At this time of sublime dawn, who sit that whioch is filling your mind with these thoughts? Is it not your own inner self? Neither yesterday nor today there was someone else to propel your thoughts. Give it a deep thought. Never before their source was elsewhere. Ponder deeply. It is not the consciousness of your own mind? Recognise this consciousness and hold it tightly within your heart so that it manifests the pure divine light of your inner self.

Every thing is within us, there is nothing outside, howsoever one may keep on wandering in its quest for ages. Merely to recognise it difficult.

34. In the creation of God, the animals came into existence first and the man subsequently. In the world of today, both are available in large numbers. In case we get rid of our animal instinct, we shall emerge as pure human beings.

35. Ever since our birth, it is hammered into our mind, “Do not commit sins”. After all, what is ‘Paap’ (sin) and what is ‘Puniya’ (good deads) and who has created these? What was a sin till yesterday, has it not turned into ‘Puniya’ today. When the man loitered in the jungles and his development had not taken roots, he was not bound by the limitations of Father, Mother, Brother and Sister – condition which is discernable amongst animals and birds even today. Shall we not then say an act which was not paap till yesterday has changed into ‘Puniya’ today? Has this condition not been given to it by man itself! Even a thought of it, creates havoc in the mind. Does the definition of ‘Paap’ and ‘Puniya’ keep on changing? And then, doesn’t Bhagwad Gita say that all our actions should be surrendered to God? Shall we not then come out of the limitations of ‘Paap’ and ‘Puniya’? Why should we not then extricate ourselves from the web of ‘Paap’ and establish ourselves in the ‘Self’. These distortions shall not then be able to effect us.

36. Sai! What are you and what not, I do not know. I only know this much that ever since you have held my hand in yours, life has become easier to live for me. In needs, small and big, or even without any need, whenever or where ever, I have remembered you, you have come running to my help. Today, a stage has come, when the needs have almost ceased to arise. Slowly and slowly your grace has lead to a situation when arising of needs has almost stopped. Baba! whatever I say, I say from the core of my heart. Life has assumed a new meaning and living has become a pleasure. You are gradually taking me away from the limitations of ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Pain’. Now I am sitting ready to merge in you. I hope you do remember that you had sent a ‘Viman’ to bring Kaka Dixit. I am also sitting in the expectation for the same. I am fully confident that you shall fulfill my this desire, for I am your child.

Continued…Chapter 6 Part 4

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