Chapter 5 (Part 1) – Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee

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This is first part of chapter 5 of the divine book “Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee” written by an ardent and staunch devotee Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta ji from New Delhi. In Chapter 5, poems written by the authors are included.

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Offerings at the Lotus Feet of Shri Sai Nath

A Hymn to Sai

Why offer flowers to thee,

Who art the creator of flowers.

Why burn incense

Why perform rituals

And lie prostrate before thee.

Why offer to thee food which is thy own creation

What is this mockery of chanting hymns and mantras

Is not, the light that flickers in thee

Part of my own being

Then why make thy own self prostrate before thee.

1. Prayer

0′ bounteous Sai!

You are my Father,

You are my Mother,

Your grace on me.

I may not be your worthy child,

I may not have surrendered to you heart and soul,

So what?

I have certainly made you

The sheet anchor of my life,

I beseech your Grace

Have mercy on me

Lift me up to your bosom

And make me one with you.

2. Ocean of Sai Bliss

Come one, come all!

And bathe in the ocean of Sai bliss.

The world has done you down,

The worries of life stare you in the face,

You have suffered patiently all along,

But now you feel your back is broken,

Life seems to be ebbing out of you!

And you are left forlorn.

Shake off your worries of life,

Shake off your burdens,

And listen!

The Lord of Shirdi beacons you

“Why should any fear, when I am there.

Cast your burdens onto me, and I shall bear them.”

Have faith in these words,

Sai will take you beyond the portals of pain and pleasure

And make you bask in the sunshine of His Grace.

3. The Ego in Me

The pigeon came and dipped its beak in water

I was filled with joy

I had kept that water for the birds to drink.

What a foolish egoist feeling, O’ Baba

Could I who depends on Your mercy for every little thing

Ever be the provider of water to the birds.

You made the birds

It is through your mercy water oozes out of the earth and springs,

You not only made me but also made me

The instrument of thy will in placing water

It is merely through your grace

The three combined to give the feeling of joy.

And I, in my ignorance,

Take the credit for providing water to the birds

Baba! I am your child!

Why should the thoughts of this nature cross my mind

Lift me up and take me up to the pedestal

When the thoughts of I and You stop tormenting the mind

Make me an instrument of thy will
So that whenever I act

The echo of thy name

Should vibrate from every pore of my body.

4. I And Sai

Sai! You are my very own

Baba! You are my very own.

I am yours, you are mine

I am in you and you are in me

Our relationship extends to lives past.

You are my very own.

Baba! You are my very own.

Let you no longer remain ‘You’

And I no longer remain I’

Let the distinction between us cease to exist

For, I am your very own Sai

And you are my very own.

The fragrance emanating from you

Should also become a part of my body

Sai, you are my very own.

Baba, you are my very own.

Whether my belief is true or a mere delusion

Even if it be a delusion I beseech you Sai

To let it remain as such.

Sai you are my very own,

Baba you are my very own.

5. I Adore you Sai

Sai I adore you from the core of my heart.

Sitting in the Dwarkamayee,

You cast a benevolent smile

On me your devotee,
Knowing full well

Not only of my skin deep devotion

But even of all my previous births.

Sai! I adore you from the core of my heart…..

I wash my body every day

But never do I wipe off the dirt of my heart.

Covered my body with a dirty sheet

I come to you to seek your Grace.

Sai! I adore you from the core of my heart.

The dirt of my body I wash with water

That of my heart with ‘Sai kripa’

Taking me as your ignorant child

You rush to my help whenever needed.

Sai! I adore you from the core of my heart.

I implore you to give me a luscious charming body

And immeasurable wealth with all luxuries of life

But never do I ask from you

A chunk from that great treasury

You hold and wish to share with me.

Sai! I adore you from the core of my heart.

Continued…Chapter 5 Part 2

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