Chapter 4 (Part 1) – Scribblings of A Shirdi Sai Devotee

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After completing Chapter 3 in total 8 parts of the divine book “Scribblings of Shirdi Sai Baba” written by an ardent and staunch devotee Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta ji from New Delhi, let us now proceed with chapter 4 named as “Stray Thought! on Various Aspects of Sai Worship”.

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Stray Thought! On Bhakti

  • In pure ‘Satvik’ bhakti, there is no place for desires. When desires end, real bhakti starts. The desire to multiply temples; erect monuments in the chosen deity’s name; count the holding of ‘Nam Saptahs’ and the number of idols installed; and the like, may form part of ‘Rajsik’ bhakti but surely not of pure and unadulterated ‘Satvik’ bhakti.
  • Pure bhakti generates absolute faith and faith leads to complete surrender. The joy of surrender is unique. It can only be experienced and not talked about. Blessed is the devotee who has acquired it through the grace of Baba. No treasure in the world, not even knowledge, can match it. If one is a bhakta and some unpleasant happening takes place in life which he attributes to Baba saying that while Baba was there, how could such a thing happen to him and consequently gives up his devotion to Baba, take it for certain that this person is not a true bhakta. He was merely bartering his bhakti with Baba’s Grace. A true devotee will not, even in his dream, attribute this happening to Baba, what to talk of giving up his faith in Him. He would accept it a result of his ‘Prarabdha’. This reminds me of a devotee of Baba who gave up his worship of Baba after his wife died of Cancer, saying that how could he have faith in Baba who could not save his wife who had served Him heart and soul. In His life time, when a lady told Baba as to how her son could die when He was there, Baba told her, “Mother ! please do not come to me if you feel there should be no deaths in your family. I cannot change the Prarabdha.”
  • Baba prescribed the simple path of bhakti to His devotees. It is also laid down in our scriptures that in ‘Kaliyug’ God can be realised by doing mere ‘Naam Japa’. Baba would tell His devotees that there was no need for them to indulge in other hard spiritual practices, such as Ashtang Yoga, Jap, Tap and sixteen fold Bhakti. He lived in Bhakti alone. If they called Him even once whole heartedly, He would come running to their help even from beyond the seven seas.
  • Again and again in the Sai Satcharita, Baba has exhorted His devotees to listen to His life story and leelas. By merely doing so, devotees ‘avidya’ will vanish and pure Satvik bhakti would start flowing in their hearts.
  • In Bhakti, there is no giving or taking. The bhakta becomes one with his deity and exuberates His grace in every thought and action of His. Baba had said, “I give to my devotees, what they want so that they may learn to want, what I want to give to them”. What was it that He wanted to give to His devotees? Pure Satvik Bhakti and the resultant love which could engulf the devotees’ whole being.
  • If you come across a Guru who is arrogant and exhibits partiality towards some of His devotees, know for certain that this Guru is a mere show-piece and incapable of leading you on to the path of God Realisation. In Bhakti, love encompasses the whole being and every pore of the body of such a person should emit love and compassion. How could he display differentiation in the distribution of limitless love within him?
  • As per our scriptures, there are four paths to spirituality i.e Gyan, Yoga, Karma and Bhakti. Each path, in its own right is capable of taking the aspirant to the ultimate. In Sai Temples however, it has been observed that often the organisers mix up one path with the other, such as performing yagnas and practising Yoga. While each path has its own efficacy, the organisers should understand that on to the path of bhakti there is no need for adulteration or deviation. The path of bhakti is self sufficient.

Continued…Part 2 of Chapter 4

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